Monday, 25 May 2020

Blockchain-based Ecological Network, BodyOne Functioning To Strengthen The Fitness Segment

As the first blockchain-based fitness network, BodyOne realizes the value of integration of resources and data in the fitness industry using blockchain technology. Its way of playing is an initiative in the industry. Exercise is a mining activity and token owners sharing benefits is the heart of the application of its fitness scenes.

Blockchain-based Ecological Network, BodyOne Functioning To Strengthen The Fitness Segment

Starting from the spinning cycles that function with blockchain supported smart chips, BodyOne can accumulate data through a smart data and contract model, converts burned calories directly into tokens while in the workout, upload data and execute the value of the transaction to develop a delivery and trade system in the smart fitness industry.

Li Bin, founder of the BodyOne Foundation, has many Eastern philosophical ideas and is awarded by the industry as “the father of Chinese commercial fitness.” With his contribution for consecutive 20 Years and engagement in fitness, he very well understands how lazy a person can be, and how intricate it is for someone to fight back with his or her own human nature. These psychological-based issues related to fitness and work out were handled by the founder. The answer to the query is integrating a series of the blockchain. The incentive system in the token economy is actually a great solution, as it is a method of using the greed of people to fight their own laziness.
At the moment, BodyOne has invested millions of dollars, mainly from leading institutional investors such as Achain, Acapital, Rootscap, Btcdo, Caijing, Huoxing and many angel investors. Li Bing is a pioneer in the traditional fitness industry. On the occasion, he will invite the partners of the traditional fitness industry, bodybuilders and fitness practitioners to meet the so far unrealistic ambition through an ecological fitness network. He believes that the fitness with blockchain will develop quickly and BodyOne will be a game changer with its excellent fitness app.

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