Chocolaty Bitcoins

Chocolaty Bitcoins: Walmart Promoting Public Awareness Regarding Cryptocurrency

The U.S. retail giant, Walmart, has initiated a unique concept of advertising and raising public awareness for bitcoins, a type of cryptocurrency. The milk and Chocolaty Bitcoins by a Philadelphia-based candy manufacturer company, Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company. These chocolate coins are in Walmart Stores all over the U.S., with the motive of advertising the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency concepts at the non-professional level (children and family).

The cost of a single Chocolaty Bitcoins is $1 and is available in a mesh bag as a packet of six weighing 1.48 Ounces. Initially, Walmart promoted cryptocurrency only through the online store, in which it sold literature about cryptocurrency.

Chocolaty Bitcoins
Chocolaty Bitcoins

In layman’s language, cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which can in the future as legitimate currency.

Currently, a company named Tron is going to release an app based on “Decentralized Internet” using blockchain technology. This will protect all the personal information and data from third parties, including Google or Facebook, which can access the personal data from the device.

Blockchain technology is also going to revolutionize the banking system. Using the decentralized Internet, large amounts of money can be international with ease and in seconds. The chances of transaction failure are negligible as the network never gets shut down. Ripple, a money transferring system, is using this technology for money transfer and now more than 100 banks are testing the technology for quick money transfer, including Bank of America.

Cryptocurrency is an intermediate when money is to from one currency type to another.

However, The crypto market is currently at a developing stage at a very fast pace. And yet, many developments and cryptocurrencies are still to emerge. This will become a great market platform for investors to invest.

Walmart began selling Chocolaty Bitcoins in select stores in the United States. The move was seen by some as a way for Walmart to promote public awareness of cryptocurrency.

The Chocolaty Bitcoins by Frankford Candy and in mesh bags

containing 1.48 ounces of milk chocolate wrapped in tinfoil.

They as “The Modern Currency in Chocolate!” and come with a disclaimer that they are not a real currency.

Walmart’s decision to sell Chocolaty Bitcoins was met with mixed reactions. Some people saw it as a positive step, as it could help to educate people about cryptocurrency. Others saw it as a cynical attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Bitcoin.

Regardless of the motivation, Walmart’s decision to sell chocolaty Bitcoins is a sign that cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream. It is likely that we will see more businesses start to accept cryptocurrency in the near future.

In addition to selling Chocolaty Bitcoins, Walmart is also exploring other ways in the cryptocurrency space. In 2019, the company filed a patent for a blockchain-based system for tracking the origins of food products.

Walmart is also considering accepting cryptocurrency payments for online purchases.

It remains how far Walmart will go in its embrace of cryptocurrency.

However, the company’s early moves suggest that it is taking the technology seriously and sees it as a potential way to improve its business.

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