hp spectre 13 x360

The Ultra Slim HP’s Spectre 13 X360 that Will Bend Backwards for You

In this Ultra Slim HP Spectre Blog by Tech QY, The new HP notebook comes with different modes that can do a complete 360 degrees swing. You can use this ultra slim notebook like a tablet by swinging the screen completely backwards. The next mode of the swing is the tent mode, which you could do it for fun, when you are playing games on the notebook. The stand mode is ideal for video conferencing, and watching movies and videos. You also have the regular, notebook mode the way you would use a normal notebook.

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hp spectre 13 x360


– The battery life per day for this Ultra Slim HP Spectre 13 X360 is 12.5 hours. Once you charge the batteries, you can use this HP notebook with bright backlight on the screen for more than half of the day without having to use the power adapter.

– The power in this model of HP is conserved without having to compromise with the performance.

– The Wi-Fi antennae is placed along with the keys on the keyboard of Ultra Slim HP Spectre 13 x 360, which could give maximum reception of the network even when then signal is weak in any area.

– This HP version uses the aluminum body, a material that is used by the aerospace industry to build planes. The robustness of the notebook is guaranteed with this kind of tenacious casing.

– You can project videos or photographs wirelessly onto the television screen without the use of chords.

– The IPS touch screen gives vibrant and colorful display for any photos and videos that you watch on this notebook.  – Though, high resolution display settings are said to drain the battery, this is not the case with HP Spectre 13 x 360.  – You will get a longer life of battery along with enjoying high quality multimedia display.

– With the multiple ports available in this model of HP, you can connect to a variety of peripheral devices, like printers, display devices, etc.

– The true vision full HD camera that is inbuilt in this notebook lets you capture pictures even in low light. Also, all the details of the surroundings are captured with this camera.

– The keyboard is also illuminated. You can work in areas with low light or no light with an illuminated keyboard.

hp spectre 13 x360

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– Shipped with preinstalled Windows 10 O.S

– Intel i7-5500U with Intel HD Graphics 5500 and Intel HD Graphics 5500 graphics card.

– IPS touch screen display with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440.

– User accessible memory slots and a memory of 8GB

– Hard drive 512 GB, DTS sound audio speakers, wireless adapter and Bluetooth combination.

– A 45W power adapter and 3 cell batteries that is 56 Wh Li-ion polymer, you have a better battery life for this model of HP.

– This notebook also has multi touch support.

– Weighed only 3.17 lb, with dimensions of 12.79 x 8.6 x 0.63 in.


The starting price of this model of HP notebook is $899.99

This model of HP is better than all of its predecessors, especially, with regard to battery life, procession time, and display.