iPhone 7 release date, price, specs, rumors and feature

iPhone 7 release date, price, specs, rumors, specification, concept design, leaked images-

We are a little while away from the launch of iPhone 7, the next stellar expected launch from Apple that will take its smartphone portfolio a step ahead. This article will cover all the information about iPhone 7 right from its release date to its specification, price, rumors, features, leaked images and concept design. We hear a lot of rumors and leaked information about the next generation iPhone which expectantly will bear the same design and appearance of its predecessors.

9to5mac even got some leaked images to further confirm the facts that Apple will stay loyal to its already existing design aesthetics. However, yahoo’s statement that Apple “Apple has a few tricks up its sleeve for 2016” creates expectations for a better device with upgraded software and hardware specs.

iPhone 7 Pluss

The leaked images do not show the screen but seems like Apple is yet to catch up using OLED screens for its iPhone. But rumors indicate the possibility of scratch proof sapphire display for iPhone 7 similar to those used in its smartwatch.

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The last time Apple tried to introduce sapphire screen for iPhone 6, production problems caused it abandon the attempt and stick to conventional LTPS based LCD screen. Speculation sources claim that Apple has entered into an agreement with Foxconn to get the tough screens readied without fail this time.

Since Apple has already started making iPhone in varying sizes the same trend is expected to continue without any abrupt stop. The iPhone 7 can be expected in 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches and perhaps a smaller screen size at sub-par 4 inches too targeted for specific group of customers.

What’s new in iPhone 7

A group of rumors claim that the iPhone 7 will have a curved display like that of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Another set of rumors originating from The Wall Street Journal confirm that the iPhone will feature Force Tough technology which will register degrees of pressure and movement for better user interaction.

The technology will bring about an improvement in apps like pianos and musical instruments which require varying levels of pressure. Siri, the voice and context based virtual assistant of Apple is also all set to get a major overhaul with the the release date.

The iPhone is expected to run on iOs 9 which was unveiled in the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. The beta version of the iOs is currently available for public use. iOs 9 is believed to enhance the battery life of the device by at least 3 hours.

iPhone 7 release date

A leaked Vodafone memo states the release date of iPhone 7 to be September 25th with pre-orders expected to kick off a week earlier. The production targets provided to Foxconn are around 85 to 90 million units which indicates Apple’s hopes of creating a record breaking sales.

iPhone 7 price

There is no solid information about how much the iPhone 7 will cost. But the device can be expected to be priced slightly higher than the iPhone 6. iPhone 6 available in 16GB, 64Gb and 128GB variants were priced at £539, £619 and £699. It could be intuitively priced at £619, £699 and £789 respectively for each variant.

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