Sunday, 5 Feb 2023

Binance, Oasis Labs Alliance To Introduce A Startup Hub For Blockchain

Oasis Labs, blockchain cloud computing platform, announced a partnership with key names in the field of cryptocurrency and venture capital for the introduction of blockchain technology hub named Oasis Startup Hub, said the company in San Francisco Block Chain Week.

Binance, Oasis Labs Alliance To Introduce A Startup Hub For Blockchain

According to the Oasis Startup Hub company press release aims to create an ecosystem for the collaboration of developers, investors, technicians and key players in the industry as well as technical support by Oasis Engineering Labs and a quick access to the newest Oasis technological failures.

Key partners in the new hub blockchain 16zCrypto, a crypto venture capital fund of Andreessen Horowitz, Pantera Capital, Accel, Binance Labs, and Poly Chain Capital, who will also provide advice to generate decentralized applications privacy based on the protocol of Oasis Labs.

CEO of Oasis Labs, Dawn Song, and UC Berkeley professor said, “The center is designed to bring together valuable interaction experts on the design, construction, and delivery of new and exciting applications.”

Oasis Labs, based in Berkeley, California, in July, appeared in the crypto industry by announcing the release of $45 Million led by some of the major investors, including Accel, 16Crypto, Pantera Capital, and Binance.

Last week, Deloitte, a Big Four audit and consulting firm said the lack of standardization and complexity of blockchain application is one of the biggest obstacles to trounce blockchain industry to use this technology on a large scale.

Moreover, Binance, a world largest cryptocurrency exchange CEO said he anticipates that other would follow his choice to donate all of its firm’s listing fees post its announcement. As per the announcement, Binance will not only contribute with its charity for good cause but has also planned to let its developers the name the amount by themselves, with restricting to a minimum fee.

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