tZero Blockchain Lifts $134 Million In Security Token Offering

tZero Blockchain Lifts $134 Million In Security Token Offering

tZero, the subsidiary of, lifted $134 Million in its security token offering, claimed the firm this week to the media in an interview. The declaration (disclosed as fraction of second-quarter results of Overstock) was coupled with a different disclosure revealing. The disclosure claimed that GSR Capital (the Hong Kong-located equity company) has decided to spend as much as $400 Million in both Overstock and tZero. tZero claimed previously this week that it had concluded its token sale, although the company initially had set a target of lifting $250 Million via the offering.

tZero Blockchain Lifts $134 Million In Security Token Offering

At the time of earnings call, Patrick Byrne (CEO of the firm) echoed an earlier claim that tZero got $100 Million in commitments when it first started its token sale. He further claimed, “We did our best and ultimately we headed to Asia. It was quite different in Asia. The first 3 individuals we met all claimed that they will take $60 Million but it proved very hard to get cash out of Asia for various reasons.”

“That is what slowed down things so much,” he claimed further.

Speaking of Overstock, the company came out with $2.20 per share of quarterly loss in comparison to the loss of $0.82 by Zacks Consensus Estimate. This evaluates to loss of $0.29 for each share a year back. These numbers are adjusted for non-recurring products.

This quarterly outcome represents a profit surprise of −168.29%. A quarter back, it was anticipated that the firm will clock a loss of $0.87 for each share when it essentially reported a loss of $1.74, posting a profit of −100%.

Over the past 4 quarters, the firm has exceeded EPS estimates only once. Overstock posted incomes of $483.13 Million for the quarter concluded in June 2018, exceeding analysts’ estimate by 1.90%. This compares to revenues of $432.02 Million a year ago.






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