To Safeguard Digital Evidence, The UK Government Is Functioning On Distributed Ledger Technology

The UK government is investigating ways to use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to protect digital evidence and identity information, according to a blog post published on August 23.

To Safeguard Digital Evidence, The UK Government Is Functioning On Distributed Ledger Technology

HMCTS (Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service) and Cabinet Office’s Open Innovation team agreed on a meeting on the use of DLT in securing digital evidence.

Author of the blog, Balaji Anbil, head of HMCTS’ Digital Architecture and Cyber Security team, says that the service is renewing new techniques for traditional procedures such as sharing evidence, managing identities, and offering more control over identity data.

At the meeting hosted Dr. Sadek Ferdous, Technical Assistant for Policy and Research Associate at Imperial College, gave an overview of his latest research on private and public DLT systems. Ferdous stated the challenges of ensuring the province of digital evidence, which states that the audit point is the main track of digital evidence systems.

Anbil says the DLT has a critical opportunity to promote digital evidence and ensure the integrity of the tables.

U.K. has many techniques available, with the intention of becoming a global leader in the industry and the cryptocurrency economy. Over the past month, Deep Knowledge Analytics, DAG Global, and Big Innovation Center have conducted research that states, UK has the industrial, government, technology resources to turn into a leader in the cryptocurrency market and turned out to be global blockchain hub.

Eddie Hughes, U.K. Housing minister, entitled the government to learn leadership for technology and its advantages to make it a political priority.
From the UK, The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) developed regulatory sandbox in 2014 intended to test various products and services in the market environment, with adequate consumer protection, but without restricting rules.

The need for support technology to make the cryptocurrency process streamlined is analyzed by the global governments and execution plans are steadily starting to get implemented.

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