Patent Filings By Sony Hint At Operation On Crypto Mining Hardware

Sony, the Japanese technology giant, wishes to patent 2 hardware approaches for maintaining and hosting blockchains, claims the newly published papers. The two filings from Sony are entitled “Device and System” and “Electronic Node and Method for Maintaining a Distributed Ledger,” unveiling for the first time that the firm is operating on blockchain-associated hardware concepts. These concepts also arranged the stage for the firm to possibly comprise blockchain-associated devices in future goods.

Patent Filings By Sony Hint At Operation On Crypto Mining Hardware

Earlier, as previously claimed by the media, the tech firm has filed patent applications targeted majorly around the tech’s use cases, comprising security and education data management. The first application comprises 2 elements: a method for maintaining the blockchain and a hardware node. The method was repeatedly described as a “mining procedure.” Certainly, in one incarnation of the planned invention, the nodes will control a network that is similar to that of bitcoin.

This is not to state that Sony is rolling out its personal cryptocurrency. But here, it appears that the firm is leaving the door open to the likelihood by establishing the claim that its planned invention can fulfill that purpose.

In “Device and System,” the 2nd application, Sony works on the security risks in a system that only has a small amount of nodes. “Since the number of devices contributing and accessing to the distributed ledger might be less, security issues might take place,” Sony claims to the media. The device planned in that filing might host a huge number of virtual nodes.

On a related note, Sony lifted its forecast for the present fiscal year. This comes due to a share in lately listed Spotify Technology SA and strong sales of the PlayStation console. Net revenue will be 500 Billion Yen (almost $4.5 Billion) on sales of 8.6 Trillion Yen via next March, the Tokyo-located firm claimed.

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