Nasdaq’s Analytics Tool To Get Integration Of Crypto Data Sets, Sources

Nasdaq’s Analytics Tool To Get Integration Of Crypto Data Sets, Sources

The stock market giant, Nasdaq, New York, is studying the possibility of adding sets of cryptographic data to its analysis tool, said on Sept. 11 in Cointelegraph source.

Nasdaq’s Analytics Tool To Get Integration Of Crypto Data Sets, Sources

Bill Dagger, head of alternative data at Nasdaq, said that, given the abundance of interest, we are exploring datasets related to the cryptocurrency. This will help to conclude whether to bring in the product related to cryptography or not.

Cryptographic data sets can be integrated into Nasdaq’s data analysis hub, launched in 2017, to make unstructured data more understandable for investors.

The Analytics Hub spectrum is analyzing a range of organized data sets, including “eVestment ESG”, in reference to the environment, social, and governance (ESG), a Global News Exposure risk management, and iSentium Social Media Sentiment” dataset on monthly.

Last July, Cointelegraph organized a secret meeting organized by Nasdaq to discuss steps to legitimize the crypto industry in global markets. Participants include representatives of the Gemini crypto exchange, Winklevoss twins. There were around half a dozen representatives from the traditional financial sphere and the crypto industry.

In April, Adena Friedman, CEO at Nasdaq said the platform would consider supporting crypto trading in the future only if the market appears to matured and regulated in a transparent manner.

The de facto central bank of Singapore in the previous declared that it had inked an agreement with several big financial entities such as Nasdaq and Deloitte to make the digital asset settlements easy. The information was declared in a press release on August 24.

Working jointly, all the companies will make the settlement of tokenized assets through Delivery versus Payment across multiple blockchain platforms. The three partners will have a technical role in the joint efforts. With such great giants getting into action, it seems that the blockchain technology has been taken as an on-priority execution by the leaders.






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