Mining Operation For Bitcoin In New York State To Be Electrified By Hydroelectric Dam

New York State-based Bitcoin mining operations are expected to get fueled by a hydroelectric power station in the Q4 of 2018. A Bitcoin mining company based in California has completed its work on a transforming hydroelectric power station to maintain the new mining farm, reported in a press release on Thursday.

Mining Operation For Bitcoin

DPW Holdings is now preparing for the use of the dam in Valatie Falls, New York, as a source of electricity for the bitcoin mining installation that will be built by the end of 2018.

This initiative deciphers into a new competition for the growing mining population in the state of New York, where Coinmint said it would start operations in an old chimney with the support of local authorities earlier this year.

The DPW farm will use its own mining equipment, the AntEater, which it developed in January in cooperation with Samsung. He will lead the operation through a special subsidiary, Super Crypto Mining.

“This project offered DPW’s subsidiaries a unique opportunity to collaborate and innovate to develop a new cryptographic mining model, for which electricity is by far the most important cost-determining parameter,” said chairman and CEO, Milton “Todd” Ault.”

“We look forward to bringing this innovative new facility online in the fourth quarter of 2018, he added.

Several US states will start mining projects in the near future with crypto-coins, after DPW declared, immediately two weeks after, Asian giant Bitmain proclaimed about the establishment of a $500 Million complex in Texas.

On the other side of the Canadian border, potential companies faced varied adoption from local authorities, with Quebec in specifically conveying opposition.

As the craze for the cryptocurrency emerges swiftly the technology companies are also on the move to develop the security products to avoid fraud and illegal breach in the transactions.





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