Memo, A Social Media Platform Powered By Bitcoin Cash Continues To Bloom

A social media application that is powered by bitcoin cash that was reported earlier in April has grown in multiple ways with more functions, extensions, and users. When the project was launched, immediately after a few weeks later, a similar platform with the name Blockpress appeared, but about a month ago the founder of Blockpress stopped the project.

Memo, A Social Media Platform Powered By Bitcoin Cash Continues To Bloom

The use of the Memo continues to gain position, thanks to uncensored content sharing, optimized by Bitcoin Cash.

In recent months, bitcoin fans have used a social media application called With the application, anyone can create a profile, post uncensored messages, and switch native users to BCH. Essentially, users add written information, videos, images, and animations to the location and all the activities are hashed in the BCH chain with the utilization of an OP_Return transaction.

Additionally, Memo users now use 217 characters instead of the original 77 characters from which the application started, due to the increase in the size of data-carrier to 220 bytes on the Bitcoin Money network in last May. With additional characters, Memo users could do a lot more things while posting on the main feed.

Users can not only post uncensored text 217 characters, but they can also watch YouTube videos, torrent site URLs, magnets, video streaming links, embedded images and animated GIFs. The users of Memo can also publish a poll on which other Memo members can cast their opinion on specific topics, such as political issues and pre-consensus. There is also a topic page with thousands of publications grouped into themes such as the greenhouse effect, capitalism, Satoshi Nakamoto, anarchism, and scaling.

On the other side, it still has its clumsy competitor running, but it can be clearly seen that the platform needs loads of renovation. The users of Blockpress were disappointed with the project going abandoned but later preferred to switch to Memo with easy functioning.

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