Litecoin Blockchain Announces The First Crypto Game, Cryptomonsters

Litecoin Blockchain Announces The First Crypto Game, Cryptomonsters

Blockchain gamers and enthusiasts will be happy to hear the good news that Litecoin Blockchain recently has rolled out a new game named CryptoMonsters. The recent unique app presents users with a number of collectible figures. These figures are equipped with theories and characteristics same as that of other popular games such as crypto kitties.

Litecoin Blockchain Announces The First Crypto Game, Cryptomonsters

However, the different feature offered by the latest game is that in place of running on the Ethereum network, the CryptoMonsters will be “live” on the Litecoin Blockchain. The company explained that the latest game evolves as a monster through a range of actions. These actions are supposed to be documented in the blockchain from its beginning to the end.

The official website of this game offers details on its concept. The website has offered detailed information in an attractive yet uncomplicated way. Litecoin Blockchain explained that the latest game uses the Litecoin blockchain technology. It symbolizes a virtual world occupied by CryptoMonsters that are continuously growing and interacting with one other.

On a similar note, the World Bank recently proclaimed that the organization has ordered the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to organize the foremost blockchain bond in the world. The Kangaroo bond is referred to be the foreign bond that is released in Australia in the native currency. It is called as bond-i. It is an acronym for Blockchain Offered New Debt Instrument.

As per the organization, the latest bond is said to be the world’s foremost bond that has formed, owed, moved, and run with the help of a blockchain technology. This technology supports cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and refers to the distributed ledger technology that can strongly record each and every transaction performed on the chain.

The mutual release from both the organizations proclaimed that the blockchain possesses a capability to modernize procedures among a number of debt capital market mediators as well as agents.






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