iPhone 8 release date, price, specs, features and everything else

Apple has been genuinely overcoming our requirements in the era of technological advancements and much to the anticipated popularity of the iPhone series all over the world, the upcoming new smartphones from Apple are also likely to roar in the market.

Well, as the experts suggest there has been a small confusion on the launch date of the Apple iPhone 8 because the Apple iPhone 7 has not yet come out in the market. Still, we can assume that the launch will be in the year of 2017.

However, the iPhone 8 release date may further be delayed by one year in case Apple decides to bring “S” moniker of iPhone 7 prior to iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 concept
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Release date of all iPhone since the original one

Apple Original iPhone Jun 2008
Apple iPhone 3G S Jun 2009
Apple iPhone 4 Jun 2010
Apple iPhone 4S Oct 2011
Apple iPhone 5 Sep 2012
Apple IPhone 5S, 5C Sep 2013
Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Sep 2014
Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Sep 2015
Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Sep 2016
Apple iPhone 8 (& iPhone 8 Plus) September 2017

The iPhone 8 Specifications

Much to the success of the iPhone series worldwide, there has been a huge buzz around the iPhone 8. But how much will the hardware support the users is just a small question.

According to the facts, the iPhone 8 is expected to come out with a robust hardware system where all the backlogs are set to be covered and also it is all set to become a great phone for use. Well, here are some specifications of the iPhone 8 you must know:


One of the biggest issues of the current launch of the iPhone 6 is that it has a low battery quality and it fuses out too very quickly.

The battery of the Apple iPhone 6 has been given a power of 1800mAh whereas different smartphones have been launched with a battery life of 3000mAh. However the power so the battery is thus no way closes to some of the other smartphones.

However, when heard from the experts, the Apple Inc. is set to change the Lithium-Ion configuration to the Lithium- Sulphur battery as a result of which it is set to stay up for two days even after heavy usage. The battery will also be able to charge up to 70% in just two minutes!

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Much to the anticipated launch of the iPhone 8, the memory is still expected to be same just as like the previous versions of it.

According to the expert gizmo manufacturers, the Apple is all set to launch this new iPhone 8 in three different versions which will be of the 32GB, the 64 GB as well as the 128GB.

However, the memory card slots are not going to differ also and both the expected slots will be of 128GB each which signifies that the phone can be totally professional.


With the improvement of all the factors in the new iPhone 8, we also expect the screen size to be a little bigger than the ancestors of it.

A 4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels will just give the perfect thing to what we are looking for. This will also give the iPhone 8a 4K screen display which is great indeed.

Though the screen size is just totally anticipated, it is also be heard that Apple will evolve the iPhone 8 in a new look of the curved and flexible screen. In that case, the screen size may not hit the mark of 6 inches.

iPhone 8 price

The iPhone 8 price should fall in the price range of 700-750 USD in the USA however in the UK it may cost 500 pound, in Aus for 800 AUD and in Canada for 800 Canadian Dollar. It will be a great phone with latest hardware system & elegant design and deserve this price tag.

Country Price (32 GB)
USA 700-750 Dollar
UK 500-550 Pound
Aus 800-850 AUD
Can 800-850 CAN Dollar

Update -1: iPhone 8 to be ceramic made

The new rumors surfacing all over the internet claiming the it will be ceramic iPhone 8 will be made up of ceramic. It will make the it light weighted, smooth and scratch resistant. The company is already using this compound in Apple watch and its highly likely that we may see new iPhone 8 made up ceramic.

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