www.gmail.com login

www.Gmail.com sign in OR create a new Gmail.com account

www.Gmail.com sign in OR create a new Gmail.com

www.gmail.com is one of the biggest free email service provider in the world which is owned by world most popular tech company Google.

By now the Gmail has several million email accounts that have been used by the different people on daily basis.

Gmail.com sign process is pretty simple which will be explained later in this article. However, gmail login page is used if you already have gmail.com account to log in and check your emails.

www.gmail.com connexionCreating an email account at www.gmail.com is quite simple. Before you get started, make sure you have a mobile number that has to be provided at the time of gmail.com sign up the process.

The service provider seeks mobile number to facilitate the users with recovering password in case they lose it. However, the password can be recovered using an alternative email address as well.

www.gmail.com inscrivez -

It will take only 5 min to create an account if you fill all the details correctly. To create an account you have to fill in the details on this “Create an Account” page.

These are the basic information like the first and last name, password, country, alternative email etc. When you enter first, last name, username and hit TAB key on the keyboard, several suggestions will pop up which may or may not be of your interest.

If any of available suggested ID is your choice, select it and fill in other details, else you may enter the preferred ID of your choice and check if it is available.

After entering the date of birth and gender, the next column is to enter the mobile number. Enter the mobile number and rest of details and click the NEXT button.

If everything you have entered is correct, it will take you to Inbox else you will be sent back to the same page asking to correct details highlighted in red. Make the corrections and again hit the NEXT button. You are done!

Once the email account is set up, you can configure it for your smartphone running Android, iOS, Windows Platforms and Blackberry. You can check out other articles on how to configure it for different platforms.

How to recover Gmail.com lost password

It happens often that we create our email account at Google and forget to note it and later when we try to login to gmail.com, it gives an error.

So if you are among those people who lost their gmail.com account password, there is a simple process to recover it. Check it out.

To recover the password, Open the Link and select an appropriate option out of the three available. In the next step, Google will ask to enter the Captcha.

After entering captcha hit continue button. In the next step, Google will ask you to enter the Last password you remember. Enter the password and click continue.

The next step would require you to chose from the two available option to have the password recovered.

You may select either SMS or an “Automated Phone call” and hit continue.  If you have selected “SMS” option, Google will send you a verification code that has to be entered in next step.

Enter the code and hit continue. In the next page, you will be asked to enter a new password. Enter the new password and you are Done ! you have successfully recovered the password.





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