Saturday, 3 Jun 2023
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Digital Identity Platform – Building Trusted Digital Identity Networks

Digital Ecosystem that exists today has become more significant and predominant that everything in this world needs a permanent and solid digital identity. Since the advent of digitalization has crept over the world like never before, the need to secure your digital privacy over devices and services has become incessantly necessary. Any glitch or sparing of confidential details or credentials can pose the threat of data theft and malicious external intrusions wreaking havoc in all your digital exposures. Hence a scrupulous way of handling your identity and managing it diligently becomes the need of the hour in today’s scenario. The only way to accomplish that level of security over your digital interactions would be to engage yourself in the best Digital Identity platform which does not compromise on security and privacy of any data.

What is a Digital Identity Platform?

The Digital identity platform is an application that works effectively to protect your data and credentials to retain the privacy of your transactions on any devices or services. The right access provided to the right people and appropriate roles designated to the right users happen via various digital identity platforms, protecting all the essential information from being exposed. These platforms employ the best cryptographic mechanism to preserve your credentials’ confidentiality, enabling you to be involved in any type of digital transfer without the fear of external intrusions.

Trusted Digital identity networks _ TrustGrid

Trusted Digital identity Networks-TrustGrid

TrustGrid, being the trusted computing platform to preserve and protect your identity has stretched its support to Government, enterprises, and any organizations to secure digital transactions of any random type. This works as a SaaS model prototype to preserve, maintain and manage your credentials and data between your business partners, consumers, and other miscellaneous contacts by building a common distributed identity network.

The infiltration and violation in cybersecurity have surged forward in epic proportions. Controlling and avoiding data theft has gained primal importance in today’s world that everybody is keen on seeking the best platform which can guarantee that kind of support. TrustGrid, emerging from the famous ledger Blockchain technology has everything in it to manage and secure your data. The application is a blend of exceptional cryptographic mechanisms and confidential computing algorithms that serve your privacy intact in all ways possible.

The Consortium of TrustGrid:

The Consortium of TrustGrid

Designing a digital identity platform correlates with multiple domains and stakeholders. It is an ecosystem where all parties involved work together to deliver the best result possible that adheres to the protocols of the technology inbuilt in the application.

The parties often involved while interacting digitally via this platform are Government organizations, citizens, Business enterprises, and authorities who manage the whole system. In addition to this, there is law enforcement that pertains to data security which has to be adhered to by all the stakeholders. This cluster of participants becomes the consortium and they effectively form a network.

The network which has been formed, in turn, creates protocols and business logic that relates to the roles and responsibilities of every participant who partakes in the consortium. Any transactions between these intended parties will involve the service of ledger technology which is distributed and shared among this network.

The consortium comprises members who are a part of this network, and no external intrusion of any type can intervene at any point in time. There is common consensus and rules which has to be followed by the consortium members as they verify and perform all operations and transactions within this designed network.

The Best Digital Identity Solution:

TrustGrid is a cloud-hosted environment for digital identity which works solely on the effect of exceptional cryptographic technology and formidable execution algorithms to protect your data privacy. It is deployed on Azure computing infrastructure and is integrated completely to work in any environment, be it hybrid or on spot. It is also integrated into all cloud environments and any kind of data security services are employed tactfully to every medium possible. The encoding and decoding of the data are done only by the members of that consortium and no other external influence is possible. Even though the application is hosted in the cloud, individual transactions and private instances are secured and protected completely. Transferring your instances to private environments is also possible in case of any special needs.

Complete integration of Digital Identity System and connectors:

TrustGrid, being the supreme Digital Identity solution also works effectively in integrating with other digital identity solutions through connectors. Keeping the confidentiality and security of the consumer’s data as a significant aspect, the integration connectors to third-party digital identity solutions work efficiently and exquisitely. SQL connectors to obtain filtered results from the database are also deployed in TrustGrid as information about any particular data is easily accessible via this platform. API and CSV connectors as third-party integrations are also available to attain the particular detail. With all these connector integrations available, the accessibility part of the platform is eased and efficient in all senses without any glitch.

Usage of TrustGrid:

This platform has been effectively leveraged for the digital license, birth certificates, vaccination data, health records, or any governmental requirements in abundance. Even certification details pertaining to any training or compliance are also maintained and managed by this application.

The consortium that partakes in the transaction is formed automatically across multiple Azure and AWS regions. The services happen at a faster pace as execution is real-time and managed effectively without much ado.


There has been an upsurge in digital identity crimes recently, and the need to suppress and manage it comes as a necessity rather than a luxury. TrustGrid acts as solace for such conundrums as it provides high-profile data privacy and security schemes to manage your identity. It is done on a distributed network level where all shared information is preserved and maintained with confidentiality. It also lends its service to Government agencies to examine any data while preserving the secrecy and privacy of the data itself.