Monday, 23 Nov 2020

West Virginia To Provide Blockchain Voting All Over The State During Midterm Elections

West Virginia is launching out a blockchain-supported mobile voting application to all the 55 counties of the state. This is done so that in the midterm elections military personnel located abroad can more effortlessly cast their ballots.

West Virginia To Provide Blockchain Voting All Over The State During Midterm Elections

The media earlier claimed that the state piloted the blockchain application in May for stationed military staff and their dependents from Monongalia and Harrison counties. Mac Warner (Secretary of State) claimed that the plan (at that time) was to expand the effort all over the county in November during the midterms if the pilot proved to be victorious.

Now, as per the media, Warner’s office states that a round of 4 audits of the blockchain infrastructure for the application was concluded following the pilot stage and revealed no issues. The application was deployed and developed by Voatz (the voting tech startup), which claimed that the tech stores and encodes ballot information on a decentralized network. The tech guarantees that voting data is quickly transacted and safely encrypted.

Speaking of the blockchain, Ohio has turned out to be the newest US state to lawfully recognize data transacted and stored on the blockchain. The news follows after the state lawmakers issued a bill in May that wanted to treat smart contracts and blockchain data as electronic records in an attempt to offer secure harbor for the up-and-coming technology.

Part of the draft from that bill (SB 300) was later integrated into a later piece of SB200 (the legislation), which was accepted by the senate of the state in June. It was finally inked into Ohio law by the governor this week, as per the media report and press release. Uniform Electronic Transactions Act of Ohio has been clattered from the earlier iteration to claim that a contractor record that is secured via blockchain tech is believed to be an electronic record and to be in an electronic form.

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