Top 4 Best Laptop For Music Production

Choosing a good laptop for music production should not be too difficult, but it is a critical decision to make top music production laptops. In addition, it will last for many years, eventually giving meaning to your investment. You possibly travel a lot and want a laptop to produce music that is not bulky or heavy. In this article I will list 4 of the best laptops for you to produce your songs.

Laptop For Music Production


Best Laptop for Music Production

First of all, you need to think about the operating system you would like to produce music. You will mainly make music on a Mac or PC.

Choosing an operating system to make music usually depends on the DAW software you want to use. Get more updates about best laptops here Music Production Laptop Reviews.

Choosing a good laptop for music production boils down to three main factors:

  • DAW main software that you will use
  • Processing power – you’ll want the processor as fast as you can.
  • RAM – You need more RAM for intensive VST production. I recommend at least 8GB.

Of course, things like battery life to make music on the move, storage space available to store your samples or available ports are also important. But there are often alternative solutions for them.

4 Best laptops for music production

Here are the top 04 laptops you can consider buying in 2019 for music production. It will also briefly mention the pros and cons of each.

1 – MacBook Pro Retina

One of the best laptops for when it comes to music production is the  MacBook Pro 


  • Ready to use outside the box.
  • Solid performance and quality.
  • You will hardly have problems with drivers on a Mac system.
  • Comes with Garageband  (which is great for beginners)

2 – Razer Blade 15

While the Razer Blade 15 is marketed for gaming, the laptop has great performance for any use in music production. 


  • Solid performance and quality.
  • It has USB-C. One of the most powerful USB connections to date.
  • Upon acquiring it you receive the license of the producer version of FL Studio.

3 – Dell XPS 15

RAM on all models is upgradeable to 32GB making it ideal for music production. There are also many USB3.0 ports for Thunderbolt, so connectivity in the studio should not be a problem.


  • Beautifully designed and solid
  • Very good display
  • Expensive models come with Nvidia graphics card.

4 – HP Pavilion Power 15

The  HP Pavilion Power 15  is a good laptop with enough screen size for the busy editions of DAW. Packed with an Intel® Core ™ i7-7700HQ processor, you’ll have enough processing power for great music arrangements and recordings. On the contrary, it contains only 4 GB of RAM, in which it can be upgraded to only 16 GB(max). The battery is an advantage in the Pavilion when it’s duration.


  • Huge storage with double storage option.
  • Good amount of ports including USB-C.
  • It has extended battery life long lasting up to 14 hours.


There are several types of laptops that you can choose to produce music. However, what matters at the end of the day is that you put your craft into practice in producing music.

Many amateur producers want a lot more new equipment, but they do not spend time to record, compose and produce.

I hope you are not one and despite the laptop, always make sure that what matters is to produce music.