Top 15 weirdest, ugliest and funniest websites in the world

Top 15 weirdest, ugliest and funniest websites

While in general you see neatly and sophisticatedly designed websites with cool graphics and color combinations, there are several weird and ugly websites that will make you feel awful. You’d surprise to see that such ugly websites really exist. Some of them are funny to browse that will keep you entertained for a longer time. These websites which I’m going to share in this post will make you feel why the owner of these websites are spending money in maintaining them.

It costs substantial amount of money, efforts and time to create a website. You need to spend money on domain name, web hosting, website development and keep it up and running. It often leaves me scratching my head what made the owner of such websites create such websites.

Let’s check them out !

  1. – The website is a single page website which has picture on the home page and nothing else. This is the weirdest website I’ve ever seen in my life. On the home page you can see Arnold Schwarzenegger is posing in different costumes. It makes me scratch my head why the owner of this website is paying money to maintain it.weird websites
  2. eelslap– This is yet another weird website I’ve seen in my life. There is noting else on the website except an image of guy which gets slapped when you swap across the image. Take the mouse from left side to the right and the guy will get slapped by strange creature that looks similar to a sea animal, probably a fish. If you could scroll down and see there are 243k Facebook likes and several tweets.  The website is created by act normal, a digital studio based out of Sweden. Again we don’t see the use of having this website but know one thing either the best or the worst works well.weirdest website
  3. – This website has nothing on the page except a video from old days cartoon show HE-MAN which automatically gets played when you open the website. The video gets re-play over and again and becomes pretty annoying after sometime. If you look at the social sharing buttons, the site has 574k Facebook likes, 3.4k G+ and massive sharing at other social media websites. I’m unable to figure out why some would spend this much of time and money in creating such website and maintain it.Ugly website
  4. Cleverbot – This ugly looking website is a great time killer. There is nothing on the website but a type box to communicate with the bot. Enter whatever you want to tell or ask, the bot will reply you. This ugly website atleast have Google adsense ads which helps this the owner of this website make some money. cleverbot
  5. Zoomquit – This endless illusion website given me headache when I looked at it just for 30 seconds. I can’t figure out the motive behind creating this website as I don’t think it can help anyone in any way. You keep going and going, total waste of time !zoom quilt
  6. – This weird website actually made me laugh as even after spending considerable amount of time, I couldn’t figure out what all men, machine, equipments, barriers this blue ball is passing through. All you will see the blue ball is being thrown from one place to other and the process repeats. What do you people think, what could be the purpose of this weird website?heneke
  7. – Lol, when I opened this website my Mac’s volume was put on mute and I was unable to see what was happening on hitting this big blue button. Then I un-umuted it and heard the sound nooooooooooooooooooooooo.. LOL. There is nothing else this website could help anyone with. But yes, we can see Google adsense ads at the bottom that probably generating money to keep this website alive.n
  8. nohomophobes – Lol, this weird website reveals the secret. Look at the stats how many times do we use such language. I changed the timeline and since Jul 5th, 2012 till November 6th, 2016, people have used word “Faggot” 36,128,376 times and “No Homo” 11,376,793 homo phobes
  9. exitmundi  – This is weird website where the creator talks about end of the world. If you are too interested in such weird stuff, this website will interest you. The home page is having only the thumbnails that talk about Attack, Sorry, Choke, Smash, RIP etc. This ugly designed website has lot of awful content that I’m really not interested in. Are you?exit mundi
  10. – Open the website and unmute the speakers. You will hear wired sound as if you are visiting some haunted place. The website has almost nothing on the home page except a weird image of web camera which asks whether to allow site to use your laptop camera or not. The website is made for the dark places, so you need to turn off the lights in your room and see for yourself what happens next.anasomnia-com
  11. – I don’t thing this weird website has any use as what we see on this website is just a cat yawning over and again along with tickling sound in the background. However, there are lots of Facebook likes and shared at other social media profiles. I’ve no idea what the webmaster is trying to do by keeping this site alive.weird cat
  12. – Haha,  I opened this website and found this website funny and weird. Its all silent when you the site gets opened. You will see a black colored super flexible creature with two white eyes that swings with the speed of your mouse ! If you move mouse faster than a limit, you will hear annoying sound along with different color flashlights. Really weird !staggeringbeauty-com
  13. – The website has nothing except a group of dogs running endlessly and a music in the background. I am unable to understand why would anyone pay for the domain name renewal, hosting and maintenance of this website !OMFGDogs
  14. Flightradar24 – This weird website shows all the planes flying in the world. You can search the place or the Airport to see what all planes are flying and what all are delaying. The planes are shown on the map and they move too !flighradar24
  15. Control line – When I opened this website, I couldn’t understand what I need to do with the line. In due course i get to know we need to control the line with the help of mouse. What could be the purpose of such website ? I am unable to understand.Control line

Final word – While the cost of maintaining the websites is pretty much higher and every webmaster tries to earn through it, such websites add no value in terms of generating income to the web masters.  I believe these websites are not made to make money.

However, these weirdest and ugliest website could be a great source of entertainment as some of the websites are great to play around. A few websites have nothing on the home, just random images and its hard to find the purpose of creating such websites.

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