The Other ABCs of Writing Great Marketing Copy

The Other ABCs of Writing Great Marketing Copy

Some of you may have already read the ABCs of Writing Great Marketing Copy by Entrepreneur, but we have a different set of alphabetical acronyms that we’d like to add to the mix.

The Other ABCs of Writing Great Marketing Copy

First off, what is great marketing copy. The simple answer is that it is a written form of content that will make people buy your stuff. If you want the complicated version, here it is.

So, let’s discuss the first ABCs of great marketing copy:

  1. A is for “Always think of your audience.”
  2. B is for “Burnish your copy to shine.”
  3. C is for “Call to action that works.”

It’s pretty simple and most content writers and marketers already know this. What they don’t know are the other ABCs.

1. A is for Actionable Content

Readers want to find information on how they can do or apply things. I guess, you can also think A is for application in this regard. They find marketing content that helps – not sells. Your job is to write content that helps, but also sells.

Here’s an example of how you can do that: Teach customers how to do things using your product and why it works. 

According to Google, they prefer content that is helpful and useful. In order for that to happen, your content must answer a question, show an image or video, or teach readers how to do something. That is why eHow is always on top of the SEO page even if the quality of their content is not that great. While it’s not impressive, it is helpful and has been tested by their readers and writers.

2. B is for Business Plan

Your content should be planned around your business plan. By now, you already have a funnel. Content is somewhere in there and it takes timing to make it work with your business plan. Usually, content is disseminated upon launching with press releases and advertising copies. Next, you work on your online presence by blogging (another B) to increase the value of your content. That content will be the go-to resource for whatever topic you chose.

And this is where you have to be really careful. The topic you choose should either be new or better than your competitors’. A good rule of thumb when choosing a topic is to use the keywords that people search for the most and adding an unconventional idea in the mix.

3. C is for Copywriting That Sells

Copywriting is, in theory, supposed to sell, but not all writers have the innate talent to write something stellar in one go. That is where research and audience sentiment comes in. The key to write copywriting that sells is to make it mysterious using the Bucket Brigade Method and talking like your audience.

The Bucket Briade Method is a form of writing that makes people want to read more. End every paragraph with a call to action to read more or an air of mystery by announcing something more exciting in the next section.

As for talking like your audience, look at how they talk on social media and use their ideas and words to create marketable copy. Look at what problems they talk about and use that as a keyword. You can even use it as inspiration for a tagline.

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