Squarespace’s Built-In Product Reviews Feature – Why You Should Be Using It?

All business owners know that testimonials and reviews play a huge role in their business success, however, the service or product they sell. Businesses and brands constantly want to showcase positive feedback on their websites because it builds trust among potential buyers. Google reviews widget Squarespace has been doing this job for brands and businesses over the years.

Squarespace's Built-In Product Reviews Feature

For those working in e-commerce, Squarespace has a new feature that makes a huge impact on their business. This is Squarespace’s new built-in product review feature that is creating a buzz among brands and business owners. Many people are still struggling with its use and its setup. Let’s take a closer look and see how helpful this feature is for brands.

All About Squarespace’s Built-in Product Reviews:

To make it incredibly easy for brands to add reviews to their websites, Squarespace launched its own built-in product reviews feature. If you activate product reviews on your website, your buyers will get an email automatically after 14 days when you fulfill their order. It doesn’t matter if they buy a physical or digital service or product from you. For each time in the order, they’ll be able to leave a written review of up to 1,500 characters as well as a rating between one and five stars by pushing the link in the email they receive.

Here we go for some special cases, sometimes consumers order multiple products at once, then they will receive a single email but they can write a review for each product separately. While consumers will only receive one email requesting a review for subscription products and they have around 120 days to write something good.

This is totally an automatic process; you just have to set it up and don’t have to intervene from your side. For gathering reviews, it’s a great tool to streamline your feature and it’s a built-in feature that makes the whole process a lot easier.

You need to keep some essential things in your mind that are listed below:

  • If you are on the Commerce (Basic or Advance) plan then only you can use this feature. You won’t be able to send product review request emails if you downgrade to any other plan. On your product pages, the reviews gathered by you will always stay.
  • You can’t delete a review but you are authorized to keep it from displaying on your product pages to the product reviews panel.
  • There is a time limit for leaving a review which is within 120 days of the buyer’s order.
  • You are not able to move customer reviews to the new website.
  • Buyers are not able to delete or edit product reviews.

How To Enable Squarespace Built-in Product Reviews Feature?

In order to get the benefit of Squarespace’s built-in product reviews feature you need to have your e-commerce site set up already. You simply guide to the commerce section, once you have enabled this feature. Here you go:

  • Go to the “Product Reviews” panel.
  • Search the “Request Reviews” tab and turn it on to activate product review emails.
  • Turn the “Email Notifications” tab on if you want to get a review whenever a buyer leaves a review.
  • Open the “Product Reviews” panel if you want to read and manage your review’s visibility. You can turn a review from public to private and vice versa in the Visibility drop-down menu.

To match your brand, you can personalize the text and design of your product review email. Go to the “Customer Notifications” panel then open the “Commerce” panel, and press the “Customer Notifications” tab. Click “Customer Engagement” and lastly click on the “Product Review Request” button after it you can personalize it.

How Are Product Reviews Displayed on the Website?

There are three methods to display product or service reviews. They are as:

  • Product Reviews- With all the average star ratings, this helps your display product reviews. In the review section, the product title and the featured image will not be displayed.
  • Store Reviews- For all the products in your store, this helps you display all the reviews and average ratings. Along with the review, the featured image and the product title will be displayed.
  • Product and Store Reviews- On the product details page, this option helps you to segregate all reviews and products into different tabs. If you select to showcase both the product and store reviews but you don’t receive any product reviews then only store reviews are displayed.

Advantages of Showcasing Product Reviews on Squarespace Store:

Showcasing product reviews on websites can do amazing things for brands and business owners if they have a well-built website that offers excellent products and services. To make sure potential customers that you are selling quality products, product/service reviews can be a great add-on. To your marketing strategy, they can be instrumental in upgrading your conversion rates over time. However, to recruit customers, negative product reviews are not profitable but they will provide valuable feedback about your product/service directly from your targeted demographic. Instead of hiding them, the business owners leverage them to their advantage.

Besides this, displaying product reviews can make websites more engaging and authentic overall. For Business owners and marketers, this is a great feature to get benefit from the customer reviews.

Can You Personalize the Squarespace Built-in Product Review Widget?

The answer is No. But Squarespace enables you to personalize the font and text of your email review request. It will not help you to personalize the product review widget. You can opt for a review aggregator tool if you want to customize the look of your review widget. You can moderate the content you want to showcase on the Squarespace website by using the review aggregator tool. For instance, if you want to remove a negative review that you get by using the tool but this can’t be done with Squarespace’s built-in product reviews feature. You can add Google reviews on Squarespace website that helps in boosting your sale.

Final Note:

The reviews received by customers are an essential part of marketing. If you don’t display the experience of your past customers then you might not get continuous sales or potential customers. The next big thing in the industry is Squarespace’s built-in product review feature. We above mentioned all the details regarding this feature try this feature and experience how it turns out for your business.