South Korean Macrogen To Utilize Blockchain For Genomic Big Data Ecosystem

South Korean Macrogen To Utilize Blockchain For Genomic Big Data Ecosystem

Macrogen, a South Korean public biotechnology enterprise, recently released a press note. This press release stated that the firm is in the process to develop a genomic big data blockchain-based platform. For this purpose, the company will be partnering with Bigster, a local technology firm. Macrogen is the leading gene sequencing service provider company in the country.

South Korean Macrogen To Utilize Blockchain For Genomic Big Data Ecosystem

The latest collaboration will power the blockchain tech to form a medical big data ecosystem. This ecosystem will offer a secure as well as a private storage option. It will also help in transferring the huge amounts of sensitive genomic and personal data.

The press release note stated that the progress in genomics is reforming the global medical landscape. This progress offers people with independently tailored diagnoses, treatment, and prevention techniques. Further, the press note added that the medical big data can integrate a person’s genomic, health, and lifestyle information. This medical big data is extremely sensitive and of an exceptional value for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

The partnership of Macrogen and Bigster is focused to form the platform by June 2019. Their partnership is aimed to build an authorized blockchain. This blockchain would limit its access to particular institutions such as biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and research institutes.

On a similar note, recently, Lambda, a high-speed, secure, and scalable blockchain infrastructure project, launched its public token—crowdsale. The firm is a blockchain infrastructure providing an unlimited storage. The crowdsale will help in funding the further production of Lambda’s patented decentralized storage technology.

Lambda is led by Xiaoyang He. He is a renowned infrastructure software expert from China. He also owns a membership of the JVM community. He has a previous experience to work as an engineer with the companies such as BEA Systems as well as Oracle.






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