Online Automotive Parts Retailer To Accept Bitcoin Cash

Online Automotive Parts Retailer To Accept Bitcoin Cash

Newparts, an online automotive parts store, announced that it has included about seven cryptocurrencies as a payment option. The firm stated that now it will accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) too. The U.S. dealer incorporates a list of over one million parts. Newparts announced that cryptocurrency will allow it for expanding its global reach.

Online Automotive Parts Retailer To Accept Bitcoin Cash

Dano Ramovich, CEO, Newparts, stated that the novel payment method is established in collaboration with Shopping Cart Elite, a well-known e-commerce platform. Ramovich added that the latest move will assist the firm in improving access to the firm’s auto parts to as many forthcoming buyers as possible. Ramovich further proclaimed that the firm has decided to let its customers use cryptocurrency as a payment option. He added that this initiative will open up the firm’s business to global markets and enable the firm for accepting & processing transactions more affordably and rapidly.

On a similar note, Dragonfly Capital Partners, a capital market firm, recently announced that it has raised funds of about $100 Million. The firm asserted that this fund will be invested in the cryptocurrency startups. The fund’s founding team will be led by managing partners Alexander Pack and Bo Feng. Dragonfly believes that it has recognized the market opportunities for bridging the gap between East and West in the crypto economy. The firm added that this can be achieved by investing in and bringing together firms across regions & asset types.

Pack holds experience in leading cryptocurrency and fund investments globally. He stated, “Throughout our years of investing in crypto at our relevant VC companies, we understand how much complicated it is for present investment companies to join in this tech trend.” He added that crypto is not just a novel technology but it is a new tech-driven asset class also.






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