OnePlus 4 Release Date, specs, price, features and rumors

OnePlus- The name came into existence in 2014 for the first time ever in the world and since then three new versions have been launched with great sales reports. Now with the launch of the OnePlus 3 in the market the demand is slightly increasing for a better version of the android phone.

A lot of enquiries have already been formed against the OnePlus 4 over the internet and people are probably going crazy for it.

Well, it is indeed an auspicious thing to ask for but the OnePlus 4 seems to be marketing around due to the demand of something new and technologically advanced.

OnePlus 4 News and Release Date:

Yes, you have heard it right and the OnePlus manufacturers are all set to roar on the market with the upcoming series of the OnePlus 4.

However though the OnePlus 4 release date has not yet been specified, it is certain that by the end of 2017, we should be expecting the device.

However we are still expecting many changes in the design the features as well as the specifications which are displayed on the OnePlus 3.

OnePlus4OnePlus 4 Specification and Rumors:

Well, when it comes down to the specifications of the OnePlus 4, there are a few things which always struck us and give us a clear explanation of how the OnePlus 4 will feature.

However, we can assume that the looks, features as well as the specifications will stun the users.


According to the sources, the OnePlus 4 will feature a fully aluminum based body which will be slightly curved and represents a unique design.

The 5.5 inches screen will surely amaze you and also the 4K video resolutions are just amazing to watch the movies. The screen is built with a 3D technology and it helps you to stream 3D movies on the go!


When it comes down to the camera the OnePlus 4 never lacks behind and it is expected to come out with something bigger than the previous version.

Well, a 22MP rear camera is likely to feature in the OnePlus 4 while the auto-focus laser will definitely invite you to have more clicks. The front camera is said to have an 8MP with more picture clarity.

Processor and Battery:

It is always said to have an up gradation with the OnePlus 4 as it will feature the latest QUALCOMM snapdragon processor and will be very much integrated for the fast functioning.

Well, it is likely to feature with 8 GB Ram and also three versions with 33GB, 64GB and 128 GB storage spaces.

The OnePlus 4 is likely to come with a 4200mAh Battery and also with a fast charger which will enable to give 70% of charge in an hour. Apart from this, a wireless charging technology is likely to be introduced with the OnePlus 4.

One Plus 4 Price:

If we talk about OnePlus 3, it was sold out with a market price $399 and it did impress quite a lot of users. Well, we are expecting the same from the upcoming OnePlus 4 and could be priced a bit higher. According to the rumors, OnePlus 4 could be priced $449 in the United States. However the prices may differ for the different variations.





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