Microsoft Surface Book Vs Apple Macbook Pro

Could Microsoft’s brand new Surface Notebook give a tough competition to Apple’s Macbook pro? Microsoft’s innovative and versatile Surface notebook has been a pleasant surprise to users who have been eagerly waiting to see a notebook with some novelty features. With features like detachable keyboard, and display modes, this notebook has given a tough competition to Apple’s Macbook pro.

Though, Surface notebook is inspired from Apple’s laptop series with regard to the design of its casing, it is still slimmer than most of the Apple’s laptops by eight and a half inches. The Surface notebook is slightly on the higher range than Apple’s Macbook pro. It also has a better resolution compared to the Macbook pro. You get resolution of 3000×2000 compared to the Macbook pro’s display resolution of 2560×1600.

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Macbook Pro Vs Surface Book


There are a lot of similarities between these two laptops with regard to their hardware configuration. The battery life, connectivity, and integrated graphic cards and processors are more or less similar in their specifications. The only difference is the detachable display, Surface pen which attaches to the screen, magnetically. The display screen can be rotated, and used like a portable tablet. Though the USB ports are similar, Surface notebook offers micro SD while Apple’s Macbook pro offers SDXC card reader. They both also have similar dimensions, and a storage space of 128GB/1TB.

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Features and differences

Macbook has HDMI port and you can connect this laptop to your television set directly. A surface notebook has a docking port with many connectors and a cable available to connect it to numerous external devices. Connectivity options in both these laptops are umpteen. Therefore, it is up to the user to make a decision about whether they have to choose between a Surface notebook or Apple Macbook pro. Also, Macbook pro has integrated graphics card, which is Intel’s Iris 6100 graphics card.

Apart from having an integrated graphics card of Intel’s 520 HD card, Surface notebook also has a separate graphics card fitted in the keyboard area. This is the Nvidia GeForce card with 1GB of graphics memory. The sharp display of Surface notebook is no competition to the retina display of Macbook pro. The display of Surface notebook can be navigated through varied touch, such as, a mouse, a surface pen, and finger touch. A Macbook pro does not have multiple touch options for its display. Surface notebook also has a greater processing power compared to Macbook pro because Surface notebook runs either on a Core i5 or i7 processor, which are the new generation processors.


Surface notebook has a front camera of 5MP where as Macbook has a 720p full HD face camera. In terms of features, Surface notebook seems to have better features and unlimited options for apps. Also, the Windows 10 O.S with Continuum makes it faster in processing internal applications compared to the Macbook pro. A Macbook price starts with $1300 and a Surface notebook’s starting price is $1500. When it comes to price, Macbook pro is more affordable compared to the Surface Notebook.  Though, an Apple Macbook pro user can upgrade their laptops to a newer generation of processors for $200, they will not find a better option that a Surface notebook that also acts as a table for a similar price.