Sunday, 8 Dec 2019

In A Recent Deal Inked By Swedish Bank, It Promises To Provide Crypto-Fund Trading

 A blockchain startup named Stockholm IT Ventures AB, also known as SITV, which is based in Sweden, has recently signed an agreement related to a software license with one of the local banks in Sweden in an attempt to provide a service related to the Crypto-Fund Trading. The company on Wednesday announced that one of the company’s subsidiaries dealing with automation named Blocktrade Technology, has signed this particular agreement with the Valens Bank in Sweden, according to one of the news releases. This is not the first but by far the second agreement between the two that demands the bank to use the toolbox called the BTT Crypto Trading Toolbox solely for the purpose of Crypto fund Trading.

In A Recent Deal Inked By Swedish Bank, It Promises To Provide Crypto-Fund Trading

This particular toolbox enables the professionals that use the same to manage the digital assets of their respective clients quite actively, as there are some AI trading tools available with the same, as per the website of the company Blocktrade Technology. The director at Valens Bank named Torben Pedersen said that the bank is confident about the software and expects that it will indeed offer value to the clients while giving all the professional traders a strong market edge, according to the news release.

The managing director at the company Blocktrade Technology named Fredrik Waijnstad said that this agreement is well in line with the goal of the company which is mainly about reaching out to the banks as well as the institutional investors. The main focus of both of the companies at this time is on integrating the back-end mechanics as much as possible and the companies are working hard to do so. The trading for the bank’s clients is expected to be launched by September, as per the companies’ plans. But the details about the type of cryptocurrencies to be used is not disclosed as of now.

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