Humaniq’s Hybrid Blockchain-based Mobile Application To Help Agricultural Business

The London-located Fintech firm offering next-gen fiscal services for the unbanked, Humaniq, this week rolled out a pilot project dubbed as Humaniq Farm. The project is rolled out for consumers in the agricultural business to empower them in order to progress as entrepreneurs.

Humaniq’s Hybrid Blockchain-based Mobile Application To Help Agricultural Business

As per a study performed by the Humaniq group, agriculture is a vital industry for sub-Saharan Africa. On the other hand, considering the rapid economic transformation in Africa along with shortage of qualitative data, fast urbanization, and demographic changes, there is a risk of farmers lacking the knowledge to take benefit of new opportunities in the market. The overpowering majority of Humaniq consumers are students residing in metros and who are from farming families & rural areas. Humaniq’s objective is to offer them with motivating content and educational.

Speaking of the pilot project, Humaniq Farm is a platform targeted at enhancing the business awareness that African consumers have these days. The plan by Humaniq team is to begin with inspiring & general features and approach towards more applied & complex knowledge in terms of market targeting, segmentation, and positioning in the agricultural industry with an aim on the requirements from target audiences. The content from the platform will concurrently be added in the company’s mobile app that operates even on low-end smartphones and already has over 400,000 consumers in 16 African nations onboard. All content from Humaniq Farm is accessible in both Swahili and English.

“A resilient & sustainable agriculture industry is important for economic future of sub-Saharan Africa. It is a home to almost 50% of the uncultivated land in the world. This land is capable to be used for production. Yet the shortage of awareness is a considerable challenge for a flourishing Africa and its residents. The new test project is targeted at eradicating illiteracy in the industry,” claimed Product Manager at Humaniq, Dennis Nombo, to the media.

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