How Important Is For A New Project To Have Good Advisors?

Quality advice can take your company or industry to run for a long time without any hassle. Every enterprise is seeking advice right from managing the company to its members. The good advisors help in building a team that makes sense to your market. Moreover, the structure of the advisory board is made to provide overall guidance right from the top executives to the employees working on the ground level. Every industry, whether it is finance, manufacturing, entertainment, and even the sports industry, requires the right advisors. 

The sports industry is new to providing entertainment to people. Therefore, they need people on board who not only possess experience in the sports field but also in the marketing and media field too. This way, they can provide practical advice that is for the betterment of the company as well as the people associated with it. 

Value of an Advisory Board

A great advisor is always learning new aspects of the market. He or she provides a safe harbor to the executives to implement the advice related to the production, marketing, customer service, etc. to stay ahead in the competitive market. Apart from this, an excellent advisory board helps the industry leaders to attract the target audiences quickly. So, the sports, fighting, Blockchain industries also require the advice and direction from the Pros who are working or have significant experience in this field.

The advisory board supports building a team that makes sense to your market, as one can see with the famous sports entertainment platform Fight to Fame. They have global ambassadors, world-renowned fighting champions, action directors, well-known media personalities, Blockchain Pros, etc. as advisory board members, to name a few like Rigan Machado, Len Branson, Carlos Kremer, etc. These globally renowned advisors are onboard Fight to Fame to provide the best action, media, marketing, direction, and crypto market advice. They are helping the fighting professionals to become the next Hollywood Action superstar through the Action Star Reality Show started by Fight to Fame.

Role of Fight To Fame Advisory Board in Action Star Reality Show

Fight2Fame is a famous Blockchain-based sports entertainment platform that is providing a successful path to talented fighters from across the globe. They have framed a selection criterion that is divided into 5 stages to select the next Action Star. 

Moreover, the global ambassadors, media professionals, famous hosts, action directors from Hollywood, action superstars, world fighting champions, FF token ambassadors, etc. are already present on the advisory board. These advisors carry a reputed name in their respective fields. They are also working seamlessly to nurture and flourish the idea of bringing Blockchain, Hollywood, and fighting champions on one platform. Here’s how this experienced team is helping the fighters globally to achieve their dream.

  • The reality show will have 5 stages where the contestants will start fighting and showing their endurance from the 2nd stage after registration. They will get great mentors and advisors in the form of action superstars, world boxing and MMA champions, action directors, etc.

  • These fighters will receive comments on their every performance so that they can improve in a better way. They will be mentored by the action directors, superstars, etc. to learn stage punching and fight choreography.

  • The fighters will be trained on the stunt work involving fight scenes and given weapon training. Moreover, celebrity trainers will be present to prepare them for fitness and endurance to cross the upcoming hurdles in the Action Star Reality show.

  • The marketing and media specialist onboard will advise and train the fighters on how to handle the press and publicly asked questions. They will also be working on improving the English of the action star reality fighters. 

  • Moreover, these selected fighters will also receive acting training to train them to work the action movies and overcome their emotional obstacles too. 

All these onboard advisors at Fight to Fame are making it easier for the fighters to achieve their dream of becoming a superstar through their experiences. These devices are proving fruitful for the fighting champions who do not possess any prior experience in acting or dealing with media-based things. This makes an advisory board important, as they provide factual and proven information to the team.