How Can You Save Your Electricity Bill With Energy-Efficient Portable Acs?

Today window air-conditioners, central-air-conditioning and portable air-conditioners are the most economical and energy-efficient options. Moreover, the portable air-conditioners’ market is expanding rapidly with the rising sale and the technologically advanced features. The growth of portable air-conditioners can be associated with the growing needs for compact and moveable ACs that can be comfortably carried around anywhere and anytime.


Indian air-conditioner market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of more than 17% to exceed $11 billion by 2023. Since the portable AC market is gaining a rise, current development in technologies is creating a notable impact on its future growth. Furthermore, the leading manufacturers of the compact air-conditioning system are adopting advanced technologies.

This is anticipated to create a high-demand for energy-efficient air conditioner in the upcoming years.

Here is a broader look at the reasons as to how buying a portable AC will help consumers to lower the electricity bill and ultimately save their money:

  • Energy-efficient cooling- One of the fundamental reasons purchasing a portable air-conditioner can reduce one’s electricity bills is because it can be easily moved from one room to another. It can keep rooms that are mostly used and occupied cool, instead of cooling an entire house, as it is a loss of energy and money. This is how portable AC helps to control indoor temperature strategically.
  • Temperature control- Additionally, the benefits of portable air-conditioners can save a lot of money by adjusting the temperature to a higher setting. Individuals, within a few days, get accustomed to a higher and less expensive temperature setting.
  • Higher EER rating- The EER rating stands for Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the EER rating of an AC, the more energy-efficient it will be. The average EER rating of an air-conditioner is 8.5. If consumers find an air-conditioner with a rating of 14, they need not look any further concerning the energy-efficiency.
  • The correct size of AC- Just like individuals need the right HVAC unit to cool efficiently, they also need to buy the right size of portable air-conditioners. If individuals buy an air-conditioner that is too small, the unit will need to work harder to cool the room. This extra pressure on the unit could decrease the appliance’s overall lifespan and increase the electricity
  • Smart features- Opting for portable air-conditioning can prove advantageous in many ways and can essentially save money. Many units come with remote control or programmable thermostat. Hence, to lower the bills, individuals can consider purchasing portable air-conditioners.

Consumers can also look to the portable air-conditioner models to choose the ideal pick for them.

Models of portable AC-

  • Blue Star AC comes with an auto-restart feature, auto-damage mechanism and copper condenser. It is available at a price range of approximately Rs.26,000 with an anti-bacterial and dust filter.
  • Royal Sovereign ARP-9411 comes with a two-speed fan for high or low cooling and price is approximately Rs.25,000

Nevertheless, energy efficiency generally increases with the overall pricing of an AC. Thus, with a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, offering customers a credit limit of up to Rs.2 lakh to purchase their desired products, shopping for such appliances has become simpler. This instant financing facility provides more than 1 million products in 1900+ cities. While shopping through this payment card, shoppers do not need to provide any documentation.

Hence, as discussed, individuals can purchase the best portable AC based on their demands and requirements. Still, keeping a close watch on electricity consumption is a good way to save money in the long-term.