Saturday, 30 May 2020

Best Demat Account For Small Investors

As a new investor in the stock market, you may want to begin small. But how can you choose the right Demat account for your investment? It can help to go through the list of various stockbrokers in the market to decide on the best Demat account for you.

Best Demat Account For Small Investors

Full-service brokers with extensive technical proficiency and support, such as Kotak Securities, is highly recommended for beginners. This is because of their expertise and years of guidance in the field of trading that can provide you with immense knowledge and customer service in your trading journey. Let us look into the parameters and factors to help you decide the best Demat account for your investment.


Speaking to traders and investors can give you an idea of reputed and well-known stockbrokers in the market. In addition, you can also study various websites and reports that analyse, compare and rate different stockbrokers based on their services and offerings.

Fees and charges

Almost every broking company charges commissions and fees to maintain a Demat account and for additional services. If you are looking to open Demat account without any frills that would only be useful in trading shares, you can opt for Discounted Brokers, rather than Full-Service Brokerage Companies. However, here, it is essential to understand that the cost involved in maintaining your Demat account can be justified with the facilities you receive. As a small, new investor, you may need guidance and handholding, and this can only come from well reputed and full-service brokerage companies that have invested years of experience and technology into their medium. In most cases, every brokerage house offers a minimum of two basic plans. One plan could be geared towards intraday traders while the other could surround long-term investors.

Two in one or three in one account?

Ideally, a three in one account that offers you a Demat account with a trading account and a savings bank account in one place can be most ideal. Having all the accounts under one head can make the process smoother and faster. Kotak Securities is one such brokerage company that offers a unique three and one account. Having a seamless facility with reduced brokerage costs and enhanced trading experience, through a three in one account can be a vital factor when considering the best Demat account for you.

Analysis and research

Almost every full-service brokerage company provides analytical support and research services. This is a critical parameter when choosing the right Demat account as it provides you with expert opinions on industries and sectors that could be of interest to you. Moreover, you can access data on the companies of your choice. If you are looking for such services, that can help you make smart decisions on trading, it can help to consider this factor before deciding on a Demat account.

Customer service and technical support

Having a robust technology platform coupled with 24 x 7 customer service is also a vital parameter to be considered. Brokers that deliver and offer smart tech solutions with cutting-edge software can go a long way in choosing the right stocks for your investment. In addition, you may also want to consider other facilities such as portfolio management schemes or stocks, wealth management, commodity training, private equity investing, investment advisory, bonds, mutual funds and additional services you may need for a Demat account.

Analysing the various brokers in the market and choosing the right type of Demat account for your investment can have an immense effect on your wealth building journey. Hence. the key to managing your financial health and well-being is to choose the right financial brokerage account for your trading activities.