Sunday, 15 Sep 2019

A Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet To Be Launched By Opera Browser

According to a press release statement by Opera, given on August 8, the company is planning to launch a new version of its desktop web browser which will have a built-in option with cryptocurrency wallet functionality. Opera has always shown some strong interest in the cryptocurrency and has also received a positive response from the crypto community, as far as the previously developed mobile wallet is concerned. The desktop version of the same will get enabled by connecting the mobile wallet to the same with the help of scanning a QR code.

A Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet To Be Launched By Opera Browser

Opera has been using the same process to link its mobile-apps to the desktop versions for several years now. One such example is the WhatsApp web service which is enabled on the desktop with the help of a similar functionality using a QR code.

Using a connected desktop-mobile system has its own benefits. This can enable the users to sign the transactions with the help of their fingerprints, rather than the passwords, as the mobile’s secure system lock comes into play. This is not only efficient but also relatively more secure, in case of the transactions.

The mobile wallet developed by the company is actually user-controlled, which means that the keys, instead of being stored on a centralized server, are stored on the phone only. The desktop client will support the digital collectibles as well as the tokens, with the mobile app. The mobile and desktop wallets of Opera are also equipped with the anti-crypto jacking software, as of January.

The company launched its mobile wallet earlier this year, as a part of the beta version of the application which is available for the people using smartphones running on the Android operating system. The wallet which was launched in July was the first step on this path and a few more steps are expected to be taken from the company’s side in the near future.

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