10 Amazing Things You Can Make With 3D Printing

10 Amazing Things You Can Make With 3D Printing

Ever dreamt of a magical button which upon pressing could have your desired product ready in an instant? While you Things to Make With 3D Printing, the 3D Printing technology continues to advance at a good pace and perhaps within a handful of years, it will be possible to have almost anything manufactured at home.

10 Amazing Things You Can Make With 3D Printing

These printers haven already been used to manufacture/print food, buildings, cars and even organs with living tissue. So, here we talk about ten most incredible things that can be designed, thanks to a 3D printer.

1. Born without a hand and his father made him one with a 3D printer

He was born without a hand and his father made him one with a 3D printer. Leon McCarthy was born without fingers on his left hand due to the lack of blood flow during his development inside the uterus. His father, Paul, with an investment of only $10 in materials and about 20 minutes with a 3D printer, made a hand prosthesis for his son so that the twelve-year-old could, among others, drive his bicycle like any other young man of his age.

2. The Urbee 2 – first 3D printed car

For the first time, a car has been built with plastic parts printed in 3D Printing. Only the engine and the framework are made of steel. In spite of this, the appearance of the vehicle is robust and at the same time is lightweight. Jim Kor is the creator of this first 3D-printed car. His model of car with three wheels presents an innovative design and is called Urbee 2. The advantages of this are that the manufacturing and assembly process is simplified. Besides, the cost is also significantly reduced since it involves printing only one piece of bodywork instead of having to make several and then assemble them.

The philosophy that Kor preaches and that he puts into practice with his new model is to use the minimum energy for each kilometer traveled, as well as to create as less wastage and pollution as possible during the manufacturing process. Not only that, it has been also made sure that the body can be recycled at the end of the vehicle’s useful life. In addition to its ecological advantages, the vehicle will be safe enough for its occupants, because it will be subjected to all the tests that are required for any car before it goes on the road.

3. Memories and Toys

It just not about the specialized products, there are other many interesting things that you can do using the Creality CR-10S 3D printer. For instance, if you don’t want to lose those drawings that the youngest of the house draws, the best thing is to make them come true and print them three-dimensionally. In this way they can play with their own creations.

4. 3D printer regenerates bones

A 3D printer has been created that will regenerate the bones. A team of researchers at the University of Washington use 3D printers to create bones from a material very similar to bone tissue. Scientists have indicated that it would serve to repair injuries and have already announced that in a few years, it will be available for medical use.

5. The bicycles of the future

Two British companies have teamed up to create the first frame of a bicycle to be made using 3D technology. Made of titanium, the resulting frame weighs only 2 kilograms, 44% less than other frames in the same range of the other bicycle models from these two manufacturers. They also ensure that 3D printed bicycles will cost less as the manufacturing cost is reduced because there is very minimal wastage during the manufacturing.

6. Print your face in the coffee foam

You must have seen that kind of magicians called Baristas who do some real amazing things with the foam of coffee. Well, now with the help of a 3D printer called The Ripple Master, you can print your own photo in the coffee. The printer, using small drops, recreate the chosen image. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see your own face made with the foam in the coffee?

7. Spaceships spare parts.

NASA plans to use the first 3D printer in space to manufacture the damaged parts of the space station, which under normal circumstances would take months to repair or recreate. In space, whatever the astronauts have available in the orbit is what they have to use, but just like on earth, the parts can be broken or lost. The printer, designed by ‘Made in Space’ was recently verified to work in zero gravity.

8. Musical instruments:

Music lovers are able to fulfil their dreams as 3D printers allow them to replicate unique pieces of legendary instruments which they are able to use for themselves. For instance, the mouthpiece of the original saxophone created by Adolphe Sax has been printed. Instruments such as flute have been recreated too. Even a trombone has been printed piece by piece.

9. Drones

Drones are fun. But ever wondered if you could build your own drone? Thanks to different templates that are found on the Internet, you can make all the necessary parts to assemble a home drone using a 3D printer. It’s simple and they work very easily. There has been so much of developments in drones and a bunch of them are launched so far with plentiful of applications. To cite, one such is DJI Mini 2 and to know more about it, just click here.

10. The designer new sneakers

Many companies are designing their new line of sneakers utilizing the 3D technology. Companies like Nike or Adidas are incorporating three-dimensional printing to make their prototypes, given the speed and ease to bring the designs to reality. The manufacturers use this new technology to develop the first samples that serve to correct and modify the design before it is finalized.