Use Password Manager

Why Should You Use Password Manager?

Passwords are used for almost everything we accomplish online. Passwords shelter our identities on websites, conversation groups, e-mail accounts and other. Therefore, the password security is becoming the serious issue especially in the age when there is trend of hacking the password and other credential is so easy and happening at every moment.  The majority of people makes use of weak password and often makes use of the same password for their different accounts.  Usually people set their passwords based on their birthdays, their loved ones names or any other kind of words that are easy to remember. Using a strong and unique password for different email, social media account and other websites is the major step to secure your password. In this age of trend where password hacking is at finger tips for the hacker, you need the password manger like random password generator which provide security to your password with the high intensity login protection which are based on the up to date supplanting software and keystroke records competent to identify your sign in information.

Use Password Manager

What is password manager and how it works?

A password manager is software based application that mechanically generates the strong passwords for your different accounts and other websites to secure your important credentials.  A strong password generator or manager like designed by the random password generator helps to generate the strong password for you, so you don’t need to worry about creating the password for any new account. It robotically stores your password in a solo crypt which you can protect by the exclusive password.

In this present age, it is not complicated to come across the kind of personal information that a lot of people utilize as their Passwords. In any case, keystroke logging procedure can simply record your login information yet if they are ambiguous.Consider it or not, Your Passwords can be hacked, and strong-minded people are competent to see your login details quite quickly if they have the wish to carry out.

Why it is important to use password manager?

Using the password manager has multiple benefits to you. It is the simplest way to keep your personal and official information protected. A password vault of password generator or password manager holds you password with complete protection permitting you to save your important information either personal or private in to your personal computer. Following are the main reason about why one should use password manager: 

Generate random passwords

The strong password generator is able to make random passwords for each of your accounts. The password cracking programs are intended to deduce the most frequent passwords initially so the totally random passwords are much stronger and unique as compared to other password that you usually come up with.

Provide Protection against the spoofing attacks

The spoofing attacks are the easiest way through which that cyber criminal steal the credentials.  The spoofing emails usually seem to be come from the legitimate service, that actually direct attacks on the recipient’s passwords. Majority of people are prone to the spoofing attacks if they don’t have password managers. The password manager usually checks the domain name and if the domain name is not matched with the record the manager don’t serve up the password.

You can change your password without any hassle

The password manager allows you to change your password without any hassle. In case the website on which you have account has been hacked you can still be protected by making use of a built-in password generator to make a new password.

You can share password safely

With the help of password manager, you can share the passwords for mutual accounts amid family or co- workers. Even though it is not suggested to share your password but with the password manager you have a choice to control the access of your password.


A password manager not only reduces the need to remember the multiple passwords it as well make sure that your password are stored securely with the use of encryption. In this digital age make your password safe and secure for the multiple website by down loading the strong password manager or generator today.

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