Solved: How To Convert Edb Files To Nsf Format

Need to shift all your data from EDB to NSF as your company is migrating data from Exchange to Notes. Remember that both Exchange and Notes work only in their respective file format.


The messaging platform is used to transfer or share documents either inside the corporate or outside the corporate. It is the most important part of any Company or Business. To store personal information with outstanding functionalities, users always need a smart message sharing client-server system. So, companies keep exporting from one email client to another easily. This blog will discuss the method to export MS Exchange to Notes.

MS Exchange Server allows users to access the messaging platform from various mobile devices, desktops, and web-based systems. Exchange Server is mainly focused on sending, receiving, and storing email messages.

Now, move on to the reason to convert Exchange to Notes.


Although Microsoft Exchange offers a desired messaging and collaborative platform, Lotus Notes has its own advantages. The MS Exchange server mainly works for the Windows platform, not for MAC, Linux, etc. Whereas, IBM Notes work for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. In addition, it also supports software and hardware virtualization. That’s why, if you are looking for a more secure and easy messaging platform, then IBM Lotus Notes should be your choice.

Microsoft saves all the mailbox data into EDB format, whereas Lotus Notes saves all the data information into the NSF format called Notes. After all, both platforms support various file formats, email migration frequently becomes a challenge. There is no manual method to migrate data from Exchange to Notes. So, the conversion of EDB to NSF is possible only through the use of a third-party Exchange to Lotus Notes tool. Let’s start with its features –

  • The systematic algorithm controls the working of the tool to perform fast, accurate, and authentic conversion of EDB files into the NSF file format of Lotus Notes.
  • Completely solves for sequence issues that happen while scanning the EDB file.
  • It takes advantage of the Auto-detect option, which automatically detects the EDB file information and specification.
  • Displays preview of stored data in the preview pane.
  • It maintains stored data into an NSF file for all the users and creates separate NSF files for each and every user.

Follow the Steps of Professional Methods to Convert EDB to NSF File

  • First, Install EDB to NSF Converter on your computer and tap on the Open button.
  • Secondly, Go to the browse button to locate the EDB files on your system.
  • Thirdly, Choose the EDB file you want to migrate into NSF format and press the Open button.
  • Now, Select the Recovery mode between the three for your chosen EDB files.
  • Then, Hit OK after the scanning process completes.
  • Here, tap on the mailboxes folder from which you wish to export email messages.
  • Next, tap on the email messages to examine them, and choose the mailbox contents you want to store into an NSF file. Hit on the Save button.
  • Now, Select the saving option accordingly and tap on the Browse button to identify a location for the new files.
  • Then, Choose any saving location from the list. Hit OK to proceed.
  • Here, In the edit box, the chosen location will appear. Tap OK to continue further.
  • Next, The migration of EDB to NSF will continue processing. Wait until it gets finished.
  • Finally, the Saving process has successfully completed. Hit OK and exit the software. 

Need for EDB TO NSF Converter?

EDB to Lotus Notes Converter tool is the proven solution to migrate from EDB file to NSF format. This tool can shift the data within a few moments without any technical issues. You can apply three recovery modes: Standard, Advanced, and Deep for damaged EDB files.


In this blog, we have discussed the working of different file formats of Exchange i.e. EDB to NSF. Due to any reason, you can face the need to convert EDB files to NSF format. For that, there is no direct manual method to do so. In this case, you can use Exchange to Notes converter. Besides, it can easily export/Import data from Exchange to Lotus Notes with data integrity and migrate successfully without any assistance.