Choose Gadgets For Brewing Coffee At Home

How To Choose Gadgets For Brewing Coffee At Home

You can make delicious coffee at home if you do it right. We will figure out what gadgets are for brewing coffee and what to look for when choosing.  Coffeelifious will show more gadgets to make coffee. 

Choose Gadgets For Brewing Coffee At Home

Turk (Cezve)

Cezve can be made of various materials:

copper – are the best, since copper has high thermal conductivity, coffee in such a Turk is heated evenly;

Aluminium – you should not buy them since the metal reacts with the contents;

Clay – very fragile, break when dropped, can crack during washing. Also, porous clay walls absorb part of the drink, so in such a Turk you can only brew one type of coffee;

Ceramic – stronger than clay, but also afraid of bumps and falls.

Disadvantage: continue to give heat to the drink even after removal from the stove, so coffee can run away;

Stainless steel – have low thermal conductivity, the metal heats up only in one place, that is, the water boils from below, and has not warmed up from above, which affects the taste of the drink.

The ideal shape of the cezve is conical, with a wide bottom and narrow throat, so a foam cork is formed on top, preventing the exit of coffee oils and blocking the access to the oxygen of the drink, which slows boiling. The wall thickness is about 1.5 mm, the bottom and walls should be the same thickness. In this case, the Turk is made of a whole sheet of copper, and not of soldered pieces, like cezves with a thick bottom and thin walls, it will not leak. Pay attention to the inner coating, it should not be chipped or damaged.

There are electric Turks – the simplest type of coffee makers. Their advantages are simplicity and speed of coffee preparation, ease of care.


French Press (Cafeteria)

A French press is a piston coffee maker in which brewed coffee filled with water is squeezed using a piston. When choosing it is important to pay attention to the material of the case, it is best to buy products from heat-resistant glass, ceramics, stainless steel. Filter screens made of metal are the most durable, synthetic ones break quickly, and the French press fails.



Aeropress consists of two parts – a piston and a flask into which the grid is inserted. It was designed in 2005 by the American Alan Adler and is produced only by Aerobie Inc, so there will be no problems with the choice. Aeropress has a couple of advantages over other coffee brewing devices: it is easy to use.  you can take it with you outdoors and conveniently wash it.



Kemeks is a brewing device consisting of a glass flask and a funnel connected by a rim of wood and leather. The skin is sometimes replaced with plastic. Disposable filter bags are required for brewing. When choosing it is worth paying attention to the quality of manufacture and connection of elements. A similar brewing method is the Purover (Hario). Here, coffee is brewed through a special funnel (dripper) with a filter bag. Water passing through the ground grains is immediately drained into a cup, and not into a special flask.