education tech trends

Growing Technology Trends in Education

The education sector is undergoing a massive change due to the influx of different technologies. Going forward, the role of traditional educators will be diminished unless they embrace the latest technologies and shift towards more practical and job-oriented teaching which goes much beyond the textbooks. Education at all levels is getting influenced by the rising technological breakthroughs. Technology has changed the whole landscape and calls for massive changes in the system to make the students future-ready. And also, the availability of the internet with a range of plans suiting one’s needs like Starlink internet services will further drive this trend. The job scene in the coming years will be heavily drawn towards technology, and basic courses will lose their sheen and application in real world.

Despite the scale of progress happening in the world, the education system has held back, and there is a reluctance to make the shift which is essential for preparing students for future challenges. The whole system needs a complete overhaul, and it is not how education is imparted but what is being taught will make a difference. Indian universities and schools have made some progress in this direction, but those are baby-steps, and it is an uphill task. There is a change seen in the way instructions are given to students and many new courses have been introduced. The introduction of the e-learning platforms has brought the benefits of technology to the remotest corners of the country, and more students can reap benefits and dream of a better future.

education tech trends

Educational Trends which have Changed Learning Patterns

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: These technologies have had a profound effect on the methodology of instruction in both schools and higher educational institutions. They have enhanced the effect of classroom teaching. Virtual reality helps opens a new world to the students and aids their learning process. Students become more exposed to detail which was hitherto unthinkable. It stimulates their imagination and thinking process. This has proved to be a real blessing in medical sciences where students can explore human anatomy in more detail. Likewise, students are able to have a closer look at celestial bodies and space while sitting in their classrooms.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The use of AI in education cannot be disputed. Personal Digital Assistants, Chatbots, etc. have completely transformed the learning experience for students. Universities have created virtual student advisors to handle various student issues related to exams and career. Furthermore, the use of these technologies has eased the daily life of students as they are able to fetch the needed information much faster. Intelligent Tutoring is another mode which has helped the processes to teach students according to their learning ability and does not move to the next concept until the previous has been completely understood.
  • Cloud Computing: This has enabled access to information at the click of a key. Cloud has completely erased the storage problem as one can store all kinds of information like the coursework, the assignments, the projects, other educational pieces of information on the Cloud only to access it at ease anytime and anywhere.
  • Gaming: Another revolution in education which is highly popular among the students. Education is imparted via the mode of games which makes learning more fast, effective and definitely more interactive. Educational games are now introduced at every level of education. Not only it helps to grasp the practical application of subjects but also promotes critical decision-making and polishes the motor skills. Mostly these games are followed by an assessment and instant feedback systems which makes them even more interesting.
  • 3D Printing: 3-Dimensional Printers have given the third dimension to the traditional textbook knowledge and have taken learning to a new level. This is also known as prototyping, and it helps give a form to the imagination of students and enables a more hands-on learning approach.
  • Personalized Learning: This is one major breakthrough in the education system which has been brought about by different e-learning platforms. This majorly involves adapting the tools and techniques of instruction for every student. There are algorithms to check the status of learning of the student and then help him or her chart out the most optimal learning method.
  • Massive Open Online Courses: These are high-quality specialized courses which have grown in high demand. Students are not required to complete a proper degree to get into these. They are highly job-centric. These are often offered by reputed institutions and are conducted online. Many students opt for these for upskilling while they pursue their basic qualifications. They have a good and automated feedback system and assessments which are also conducted online only.
  • Smartboards: They are again a very interactive and engaging tool for both the teachers and students. Smartboards usually have different styles of learning which are suitable for different students. They are picking up trend in schools as learning becomes very interactive and fun.
  • Analytics: Data is the most important tool and resource for everyone. Hence learning of data is essential for surviving in the competition. Knowledge of data analytics can be helpful in many fields and students will be able to make more informed decisions based on figures. Analytics will come to aid the educational processes for both the students and the teachers. Students can track their progress, monitor deadlines and hence enhance engagement as one can measure and keep track of performance.
  • Online Assessments: Assessments are the basic essence of education. It helps to measure the level of instruction and understanding of the students. Online assessments rule out the biases and not only measure the theoretical concepts but also the application part.


Educational trends and technologies mentioned above have completely changed the learning patterns and requirements. All these changes are ultimately dictated by technology. Future of education lies outside the traditional classroom where everything was based on textbooks and written assessments. Classrooms are soon going hi-tech and learning will be based on technologies like Augmented/Virtual reality which will not only enhance the learning experience but stimulate imagination in students and give a spark to their curiosity. Smart devices, personal assistants, chatbots will all automate the mundane learning tasks. The MOOCs and other Open Courses are already there to substantiate the basic degrees and learn a new course at one’s own pace. Personalized or adaptive learning experiences also mark a new dimension in learning.

Education sector has been the slowest one in the race and shown undue and a prolonged reluctance to adopt new technologies and develop the traditional modes as per the requirements of the market. The advent of e-learning has helped bring latest knowledge to students sitting in rural areas and opened new avenues of growth. The new age is for everyone as there are no physical boundaries on internet. These educational trends are here to stay and will continue to make a difference to lives for quite some time. Many online educational platforms also offer some of-age online training courses which you can opt for and learn at your own pace.