Functional Testing

Functional Testing For Dummies

Functional testing is one of the essential parts of software development. It is important to make the application efficient and powerful. Today we are hair to tell about functional testing to all the beginners around the world.

Functional Testing

What is functional testing?

Functional testing is a procedure between the application and the system to check how the application reacts in a different environment. While unit testing test both the segments of the application that is source code and functionality, the functional testing only focuses upon the functionality of the application. In other words, functional testing is a process to check what the application does. Functional testing has no concern with the internal details of the application, which is the source code. Another way to describe the functional testing is that functional testing is the “consumer test for end-user test functional test”. in functional testing a test engineer is capable of testing the application in a different environment and real-time user activities to make sure that the application is working fine.

The consumer test here we mean that the testing process tests the application as for the consumer behaviour and usability in real time by simulating it.

Features of functional testing

Functional testing can be done in two ways first is manual functional testing and other with automated functional testing.

The benefit of both the functional testing is same, but the difference in both the technique is that in automation functional testing you will be capable of testing the application in different browsers and environments at once without purchasing camp the following are the various features of the functional testing.


 It is simple to say that the functional test is capable throughout the life of an application. It should be capable of measuring the results with the expected results automatically; this will help the test ingenious to maintain the continuity of the application.

Application grid test

 Must be able to keep the external of the application at the highest priority. It includes various things to maintain the criteria like in functional testing; the test engineer is capable of using two types of approaches which are data-driven approach and keyword driven approach. The functional testing also shows various libraries of functional testing objects.

White box testing

Before selecting a testing tool, a test engineer must check which type of testing method your application is using to perform the functional testing. To conduct the functional testing approach system must follow white box testing because functional testing comes in the white box testing methods. White box testing methods in power functional testing to test the application in deep levels of the functionality.


The developer must be able to make sure that the testing tool is capable of checking the code which is bothering them. This helps them to empower the developers or to describe the developers about the various issues of the testing process.

Functional testing process the purpose of the test engineer is to create a functional testing plan or strategy which is capable of testing the application with high efficiency and reliability.

The following are the phases of the functional testing process

Testing purpose

 To determine what is the purpose of testing is very important the test engineers must communicate with the developers to know what are the various reasons to conduct the functional testing processes for the particular module or test case. This is important because while making the test strategy, the test engineer or testing team can easily make sure that the purpose of the testing is fulfilling in the plan or not.

Plan creation

It is very important to make a testing strategy for the testing plan to conduct functional testing. A strategy or a plan is a way to tell the system and team members how to go with the process, which thing will come first and which thing will come last. The testing plan should be according to the purpose of testing described by the developers in the previous phase.

Test automation

 In this phase, the test engineer should select a testing tool. A testing tool plays a very important role in automated functional testing because if you are testing tool is not reliable and up to the mark then the output reports it will generate will also not reliable and up to the mark. In this way, another thing which is the test engineer should do is to estimate the output values according to the first step.

Test execution

In the test execution phase, it is very important to give the system or tool correct and high quality of input data to get high quality of output data and matrix.

Checking results

In this space, the actual report of the testing process should be matched with the estimated output. The reason behind is that this will help the test engineers to find the bugs available in the application and they will be able to provide the accurate testing reports to the developers so that the developers can easily find and fix the various bugs and issues available in the application.


With the automation testing process, functional testing will become an easier task. It helps the test engineers to use various testing approaches like data-driven and key driven. So that they can choose one according to the needs and requirements of the application. It is believed that data-driven test sometimes is better than keyword-driven tests, but as we said that it is dependent upon the needs and requirements of the application. To be tested, functional testing is not an easy task because the whole the liability of the application lies in the functional testing process. So it is advisable to the beginners for dummies to perform the functional testing process very carefully and with the proper guidance of their seniors. Eventually, with the experience, they will become better and better in this process. If you have any kind of questions regarding the functional testing automated functional testing, you can mention them in the comments section we are always here to reply to your questions.