Know About Giving Raw Pet Food

Everything You Should Know About Giving Raw Pet Food

Choosing the best food for their dogs might be one of the most intimidating jobs for any pet owner. Will the food help fulfill the dietary needs of the dog? Will the dog readily accept the food? Will the food be light on the dog’s stomach? There are many such common questions that puzzle pet owners around the world. And now the trend of feeding raw pet food has become quite popular. After all, animals are naturally built to hunt and eat raw meat.

Know About Giving Raw Pet Food

Why Raw Food Is Good For Dogs?

Raw meat is known to be one of the best choices for a dog’s oral health and hygiene. The soft and chewy nature of raw meat helps in keeping the dog’s teeth clean. In the long run, chewing on raw meat also helps in keeping tartar problems at bay.

  • Skin health and the natural shine of the coat are said to be better in dogs that are fed raw food. Raw meat has all the essential nutrients intact. As a result the dog gets them wholly and digests them easily. This leads to better looking and healthy skin in dogs.
  • Easier absorption of nutrients from the food is possible with raw food. Sometimes, you might be feeding all the right ingredients but cooking might end up dampening the effectiveness of these. That’s when the bioavailability of raw pet food comes as a blessing.
  • The healthy fats in raw food can help in building better muscle tone in dogs.
  • Dogs that are fed raw food are also known to have a faster metabolism. This helps in regulating weight.

Things You Should Be Cautious About While Feeding Raw Meat To Dogs

  • While feeding raw meat to dogs, you should understand the different types of meat and what they can do to your dogs. Not all dogs can digest all types of meat. Some of them can be intolerant to some types of meat. This can lead to bloating and other digestion related problems.
  • A lot depends on the origin of the meat. Meat from sick animals or meat that is not hygienic can lead to infections in dogs and some can be quite serious.
  • Some dogs find it difficult to get adjusted to a raw meat diet especially after being fed dry commercial kibbles from childhood.
  • Dogs with some chronic health conditions or those with a weak immunity might be at bigger risk of infection from contaminated meat.

So, raw meat, which is actually good for dogs, also has some limitations. That’s where the commercial raw pet food options come into the picture. You will find a lot of reliable brands in this category. Some of them also provide freeze-dried meat and meat in dehydrated form. All of these are still raw meat but you know the source of the meat. You also get clear information about the ingredients. So, making a decision feels simpler in such cases.

Add Balanced Proteins And Fats

The nutritional needs of dogs and that of dogs are very different. That’s why most human food items might not exactly be sufficient for dogs and some might not be suitable. In fact, some of the food items that are fully safe for human beings might be harmful to dogs. So, when you choose commercially available raw pet food in the form of kibbles or wet food, make sure that it contains enough fats and proteins. These are the two main nutrients required for a healthy overall growth and development in dogs.

Calcium and minerals are essential as well. That’s one other reason why going for raw meat can be beneficial. If the meat-based food also contains the calcium from bones, your dog’s nutritional needs are met.

Try And Incorporate Organ Meat

Brain, pancreas, kidney, and spleen are the most popular organs in meat fed to dogs. These are mainly recommended for the vitamins and minerals in them. These are essential for better digestion, and effective nutrition absorption in dogs. Each of these contain a different type of amino acid or rare vitamins like folate so that the dog stays happy and healthy.

Along with raw pet food, your dog also needs ample amounts of exercise and regular sleep for optimum growth. Always talk to your dog’s vet before you switch its food, just to be sure that your dog does not have any alarming sensitivities to worry about.