iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Covers

Buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Covers and Case

Are you planning to buy a new iPhone 7?  A lot of people have already built in great interest to buy the phone. However, have you thought of how to get the newly purchased phone protected? Well, there is a lot of importance in buying a handy back cover. Back covers are strongly built and with the help of them, one can easily use these covers to protect the phone. Well, there are many benefits of buying a back cover and they prevent body damages as well as other problems of a phone. So if there is anything that you need to go for then using a back cover is what you urgently need. However, if you have already placed your order to buy a new iPhone 7 then it is the time to have a look at the Top 7 Coves for iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Covers

Colorful Flower Premium PU Leather Flip Magnetic Closure 

The Colorful Flower Premium PU Leather Flip Magnetic Closure is really very attractive indeed. Being a flip cover it gives you the liability to cover every part of the iPhone 7. Also apart from this, it will allow you to protect the prone from external injuries. The cover is simply magnetic and it will allow the user to simply plug out the phone and use it. Also, the beautiful color feature of the cover allows everyone to use it as required. You can even listen to the calls when you are covering the face of the phone with the magnetic cover. It covers the fonts, the back as well as both the sides of the phone for you to use. However, there are external key outings which will allow the users to operate the side keys.

Worlds Thinnest Hard Protect Case Back Cover Bumper

Now you would be thinking that how hard could be this specific transparent back cover. It is indeed quite hard. The color of the product is blue but still, it is semi-transparent for the Apple logo to shine out. You can use the World’s Thinnest Hard Protect Case Back Cover Bumper which covers the entire back of the iPhone 7. It has cuts for both side of the phone which allows the users to switch the side keys of the phone. Apart from this, the best part of using the bumper cover is such that it is completely light in the weight and allows the users to use it freely. The Matte face, as well as the 360-degree protection of the bumper cover, is just the perfect thing that everyone will look out for.

Raised Bezels Protective Cover for Apple iPhone 7 2016

The Raised Bezels Protective Cover For Apple iPhone 7 2016 is also another cover you will love to use for the newly purchased iPhone 7. The crystal protection of the cover allows every user to use the cover maintaining the style of the iPhone 7. Apart from this, it is Ultra slim as well as transparent keeping the original looks of the phone. The side edges are hard so that it does not cause any external damage to the phone if it falls. Highly advanced technology is used for the keep to get it placed automatically. You may use the Active Touch Technology which is provided with the cover case while manufacturing. Overall, it is a great cover to buy if you are likely willing to purchase a new iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 pro Case, TOZO® [0.35mm] Ultra-Thin

Now, this is one of the hardest and the most stylish back covers that you can get for your needs. The pro case cover is featured with 360-degree PROTECTION which gives a good 4 side protection just when you need. The four sides cut out technology that has been used to make the bumper cover. It also consists of a protect ring which will give you the option of your need. Apart from the regular protection, it will give you external protection for your needs. There is also an external camera protection ring which will give you external protection. Apart from this, it will give you a lifetime hassle-free warranty to provide protection as you would need to. Thus it will give an external requirement when you need.

TETHYS IPX8 Certified Waterproof Dry Bag for Cell phone iPhone 7

This unique back cover will give an Innovative swivel lock design to give external protection. Apart from this the TETHYS IPX8 Certified Waterproof Dry Bag for Cell phone iPhone 7 gives space for keeping your important i.d. cards and documents to meet your needs. Also, this universal guard will give proper resistance to keep your needs. Also, the full touch screen enables given for your needs. Apart from this, the waterproof resistant will give the phone deep protection of almost 100 feet depth. Also, the case will give protection to get your cover bound and protected from every angle. Thus buying the Cell phone iPhone 7 case will give you a lot more things when you need.

Flexible Premium Soft Bumper Rubber Protective Case Cover for Apple iPhone 7

This unique flexible cover has a lot to do with your needs. It is light blue in color and is semi-transparent to give you what you need. Apart from this, the Soft Slim Flexible TPU Back Cover Transparent Rubber Case for Apple iPhone 7 cover is made up of a shockproof medium which protects the phone from external damages. The protective case can easily be cleaned by water and the semi-transparent medium gives the opportunity to give a super slim design. Apart from this, it will also give good protection to the cover.

Linycase Wallet PU Leather Flip Stand Card Solt Case for iPhone 7

The Linycase Wallet PU Leather Flip Stand Card Solt Case for iPhone 7 is a great cover for everyone to buy. It has a beautiful leather case covered with a beautiful flower print makes the case a perfect gift for anyone to use. It has basic outlets and pockets for you to keep the proper documents inside. Apart from this, it offers all-round protection from the front to the back and all angles.

There are many more cases and covers available for you to use and protect your iPhone 7. But remember that if you are in need of full protection of your iPhone 7 you must get a good cover immediately. Moving outside of your home without a cover for your iPhone may be harmful.