Book Review The 5 Second Rule Book

Book Review: The 5 Second Rule Book

I am live hello everybody my name is thought I would try something new and film a live and have it be shown on my channel later so you can catch the replay if you are not here live watching it I am going to do a quick review of The 5 Second Rule Book by Mel Robbins I have this checked out from the library.

This is my second time checking it out because I was not fast enough to read it the first time I had it so I am not even finished with this but I like it enough and I have read enough of it that I felt like I can do a review so that’s what I am going to do in this blog first of all if you do not know what The 5 Second Rule Book

Book Review The 5 Second Rule Book

there’s a very great description of it on the back then I will read to you the five-second rule if you have an impulse to act on a goal you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill the idea if you do not start doing the things you do not feel like doing it you will wake up one year from today and be exactly in the same place and this is from a social media post from someone named David Stefania.

It’s just part of the many social media posts on the back of this book and so that’s what the five-second rule is if you did not know what it was before it’s a rule developed by Mel Robbins the author of this fine book and um yeah this book talks about The 5 Second Rule Book at length there are five parts to this book the parts are number one the five-second rule part two the power of courage part three courage changes.

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Your behavior part four courage changes your mind and part five courage changes everything then there’s a little a few pages at the end to sum everything up called the power of you what I most love about this book is the formatting and you can just see the design and formatting in this table of contents I love how large the numbers are I just love how it’s designed I just really think that’s really cool and also each chapter at the end of it has like a cutout page you can see the little scissors.

At the top of a cut out page of this you know a definition or motivational quotes or something like that I thought that was really nice and also another thing I loved is the dramatic part beginning of the part pages is that what it would recall let me find one and show you what I am talking about so that would be something like this part two it’s just like BAM in your face this is part two I just thought that was really nice very dramatic very clear I just liked it and oh there are also parts of this book where Melvin’s I assume she’s the one that decided this where she like highlights important things for you you do not even need to highlight it she does it for you like these lines here it’s already underlined it’s already emphasized it’s already.

Highlighted for you which I think is great and then if like I am talking really fast sorry about that this is just kind of how I naturally talk another thing I loved about the design and formatting is that there are screenshots of actual social media posts and comments and things that we find a good example for you I like this is perfect there’s one on each page so she literally gets the screenshots from comments and posts and pictures that people have posted concerning the five-second rule and she’s just pasted him in her book and I think that’s really cool it just adds a nice genuine touch it also adds a nice break between the regular text of the book to read a quick little post-it kind of just makes the reading easier and faster.

I feel like and I think it’s so fun to read about these other people’s experiences with the five-second rule that’s my favorite part of this book my most favorite part was reading about other people’s stories about their courage and how they decided to do something different with their lives and they made a huge change like this guy he lost all this weight using the five-second rule it’s amazing I just really really really loved that and let me think.

if there’s anything else I absolutely loved anything else on my list it’s just really motivating I would read a few pages of this and feel just ready to go on and do something with my life do something good have some courage do a new thing and just try to go for my dreams pretty cheesy but yes true.

And like I said I loved reading about other people’s dreams and the courage that they had to pursue those dreams it’s just nice knowing that real people have tried to do something different with their lives and it worked for them and it motivates you to try to do something different or do something brave to change something in your life.

I think that is very inspiring I am something I did not love about this book a lot of the information just felt redundant as you are reading it some sections of the book genuinely reminded me of papers I wrote in high school you were probably the same way where you tried to use as many words as possible to describe one little thing in your essay so that it was long enough for your teacher.

However, I feel like that happened in this book sometimes where it’s like do you really need that many paragraphs to describe this one thing I feel like I am just reading and rereading the same piece of information but the more I thought about it maybe Mel Robbins did that on purpose just so that it was a repeated message and a stayed in your head longer.

I do not know maybe not but yeah so a lot of it just felt repeated and redundant but yeah um you know she could have done it to drill the message into your brain, either way, it was just a lot of repetition and then a bottom line I do think that this book is worth reading it has the dozens of real stories from real people which I really really liked and enjoyed and I by that yeah also if you want a smaller serving of the five-second rule just search for it on youtube you will find dozens of blogs of interviews and talks and speeches from Mel Robbins and she describes and talks about and expands a bit on the five-second rule.


If you want The 5 Second Rule Book then go ahead and read this book you will probably get something really great out of it I think it is valuable to everybody I think everyone can find something good out of this book and that’s the end of my quick review leave a comment down below if you have read this book and tell me what you liked and what you did not like about this book um thank you so much for watching thank you for letting me be part of your day two do at least one thing every day that makes you happy subscribe if you have not already so that you can find my new blog in your subscription feed when you look at that and I will see you in my next blog.

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