Saturday, 29 Feb 2020

Authenteq Introduces Blockchain To Cope With Online Trolls Through Identity Verification

Authenteq unveiled Trollteq, a block-based identity management solution that can assist in solving one of the biggest problems on the Internet; online trolling.

Trolling has become a huge issue on platforms such as online news sites, Twitter, and Facebook. Critics of the Internet have turned many family-friendly and socially responsible sites into places for online abuse. Regardless of the number of troll accounts that have been removed by the operator, they always return with a new name, or they will deal with it and they continue their bad behavior in the forms of intimidation, harassment, and threats.

Authenteq Introduces Blockchain To Cope With Online Trolls Through Identity Verification

With Trollteq, if a user has been banned, he or she are permanently banned and cannot re-register with a false name or identity. It requires the adoption of platforms that allow a degree of secrecy or anonymity, but Kari Thor Runarsson, Authenteq general manager believes the trade-off is not bad considering the gain witnessed from troll-free outcomes.

Trollteq uses the Identity Management System of Authenteq that requires users to verify that they are human in a registration process that takes normally 90 Seconds. You must use your smartphone to capture your selfie image. Then take a picture of your valid driver’s license or other forms of valid identification. Authenteq checks if the images are yours and if the identity card is genuine. Then link it to a connection account that you generate without revealing your identity.

This will obviously not be satisfactory for some people, especially those who don’t want get involve in transferring their digital information or image to an online entity. Runarsson acknowledged that it will be intricate for some companies to take users information to grant this verification. However, governments and new laws may require sites to verify that their users are not kids or have been verified in an authorized way.

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