9 Best Podcast Apps For Android To Use In 2023

Storytelling is an art that has existed since the inception of mankind. Infinite fables about different cultures have been conveyed through story-telling. In the present time, story-telling has significantly narrowed down to audio-video presentation. As an obvious consequence, the pleasure and satisfaction from fabricating our own visuals are somehow lost.

On the contrary, many people are inclined to a new type of story-telling format- online Podcast Apps. Just like Radio, online podcasts are the best way to listen to experts talking about your favorite subject.

How Can You Listen To Podcasts From Your Android Device?

Listening to podcasts on your Android device is a calk-walk. Now, this article mentions the popular Podcasts apps for your Android device that you can easily download. Recently Google has decided to add support for Podcasts in Google Search also.

Know About The 9 Best In Class Podcasts Apps in 2023-

1. Podcast Addict:

Podcast Addict is one of the best podcast apps available on the Android platform. A huge load of functionalities and customization options, other than the millions of free podcasts to download have made Podcast Addict one of its kind. In every corner of Podcast Addict, you will get to see new settings. You can schedule podcast downloads from the settings options. The car layout is a fantastic option to use podcast apps while you are moving.

9 Best Podcast Apps For Android To Use In 2023


Supports Dark Theme that includes AMOLED dark.

The video player comes with the picture-in-picture option

It allows you to play a locally stored audiobook, MP3, etc.


Since the UI is laced with multiple setting options, it can be a pretty overwhelming experience for a first-time user.

2. Castbox-Podcast Player and Podcast Apps:

It is another excellent podcast app that comes with some excellent features. One such feature is Zen Mode which encompasses ambient sounds for good sleep.

Live Cast feature is another crucial feature of Castbox. It allows you to join other people’s live cast, start interacting and even participate in their podcasts. It allows users to post their comments under Podcast Apps episodes and interact with each other.


Cast your own podcast.

Provides lock-screen theme options.

Cons: Bugs and overwhelming UI.

3. Google Podcasts:

9 Best Podcast Apps For Android To Use In 2023

When it comes to talking about the free Android podcasts, the list would remain incomplete without the mention of Google Podcasts. Unlike most podcast apps, this app boasts actually a good UI.

The best part of using the Google Podcasts app is that it allows you to integrate other Google services like Google Assistance, Google Home, and more.

It has almost all the audio features such as sleep mode, fast forward, skip silence, etc.

Overall, the Google Podcasts app is very simple to use and this is the reason it has become a very popular choice among the crowd.

4. Anchor:

The Anchor is a great Podcast platform for Android users that offer unlimited hosting. It allows you to record audio and publish it to various places like iTunes, Google Podcast Apps, etc, and at the same time, you can import podcasts from other devices and upload it.

If you want to make your own podcasts and want to be famous with them, Anchor is the perfect app for you.

This app is completely free of cost.

Pros: Thoughtful design

           Very good quality the recording

           Free of cost but still provides the ads-free experience


The post-production experience is not smooth.

5. Spotify

It’s true that Spotify doesn’t have all the Podcasts features, but it has all the important features that you will ever need. On top of it, it’s the best music streaming app online. So, downloading Spotify is like killing two birds with one stone.

If you are new to the world of Podcasts, Spotify could be the best place to explore you.

Spotify is one of the best free Podcast apps on Android. The reason is simple- you don’t need any subscription plan to access the podcasts feature.


  1. Excellent UI
  2. The all-in-one radio app solution
  3. Different platform integration is possible.


Lack of some mainstream Podcast Apps features.

6. Player FM: Free and Offline Podcasts App

Still, trying luck to come up with your “niche” for podcasting? Trying out Player FM could be a very handy choice for you. Just like the categories laid down in music streaming apps, Player FM also presents you with the categories for your podcasts.

9 Best Podcast Apps For Android To Use In 2023

The discovery section of this app allows you to look at different podcasts under categories like trending, country, etc.

The video section of this app is perfect for playing video podcasts.

One of the distinct factors about this app is you can customize the UI of this app is you select different themes, change the design on the subscription page, etc.

The cost of the pro version of this app is $47.88.


Category-wise podcasts search

UI is customizable


High consumption of data/

7. Podcast Go:

Podcast Go is one of the very popular Podcast apps which features all the popular Podcasts functionalities. This app also boasts a delightful yet materialistic design. This app has more than 300,000 available Podcasts. Podcast Go is completely free of advertising the price of this app is $2.99.

9 Best Podcast Apps For Android To Use In 2023


Good looking UI

Cons: Ads are full screen and some of them are buggy.

8. TuneIn Radio:

TuneIn Radio is one of the most popular radio apps but,  it mainly focuses on live talk radio. Apart from Podcasts, it features audiobooks, Radio stations including FM/AM. It doesn’t have a feature like scrubbing iTunes for podcast content, but otherwise, it’s a very handy app.

9. Podbean:

It is another popular Podcast app with a good Google rating. This app comes with a very easy-to-use interface with the main section laid out on the home page. Intelligent audio features like intelligent speed and volume-boosting have made this podcasts app stand apart from the crowd.


Hosting podcasts

Nice UI


Some users reported bugs while downloading this app.

Wrapping Up:

So, now you might have come through the list of very popular Podcasts apps for Android. Now, use any of the apps mentioned above and have the best-in-class podcasts experience