7 Different Types of Office Furniture

7 Different Types of Office Furniture

The furniture at the office has the power to define the office standards and work environment. Everyone wants to have the furniture and outlook which is uniform in quality as well as design. While choosing the office furniture, the major keys are the comfort for the employees and definitely your personal taste. Wise decisions can help in providing the best look to your work area and hence put a great impression on your clients and also boost up the productivity.+

7 Different Types of Office Furniture

Let’s take a look at some of the major types of furniture used in offices:

  • Office desks

So, as you are probably already aware, office desks are a major and important piece of office furniture. Based on different sections available in the office area including directors’ cabin, reception area, and workstation, etc, these office desks come in various shapes, structures, and designs.

The office desks should have a smooth and firm surface where proper work can be carried out without any issues. While you select the office desks, consider major factors like movability, cost, ease of maintenance and appearance, etc. The major office desks include writing desks, directors’ desks, and conference tables.

  • Office chairs

The office chair is another important piece of furniture that is mandatory for the comfort of the employees. A comfortable chair plays a crucial role in productivity at the workplace either directly or indirectly. The chairs not just enhance the look and beauty of the office but also leave a good and strong impression on your clients. The chairs should be made of such material that is comfortable to sit on and which can maintain the body posture.

While choosing the office chair, mainly consider the ability of chairs to adjust the height and backrest and also the shape.

  • Office table

These are usually the alternative to the office desks. The major use of office tables is for sorting documents and files along with writing and placing file trays. These tables are also fitted with two or more drawers for the purpose of storage of important docs and files.

  • Safes

Safes are another very important office furniture items that are used for storing all the valuable and confidential documents, cheque books, money, and other valuable papers, etc. As these safes are properly concealed, they tend to be the safest storage location.

  • Cabinets

Earlier, the offices used to have traditional cabinets made of wood but nowadays, steel cabinets have completely taken over and have become quite popular. This is because these steel cabinets are more durable and affordable. Along with this, they also need less maintenance. The cabinets mainly have two doors with a handle on the front side along with a lock.

The major use of cabinets is for filing of folders, files, books, and papers. These are available in various sizes and structures based on office needs.

  • Shelves

Shelves have the major usage for storage or display purposes. The best part about shelves is that they do not consume much of the additional space. These can be either attached to the walls or maybe suspended from the ceiling and also can be the free-standing units etc. In case of limited spacing, you can also consider going with corner shelves which aid in making space look bigger.

  • Additional seating

If you regularly expect some clients or additional people to visit the office, it is mandatory to have additional seats that are comfortable to be used. These can be upholstered chairs of sofas maybe that will provide a pleasant feel to your office guests.


Office furniture holds a very important place in enhancing work productivity and also leaves a good impression on your clients if chosen in a wise manner. You can either buy these items online or through an office furniture manufacturer who can provide you the customized items as per the needs of the office area. Customized furniture can add up more value since you can provide your needs and requirements to the manufacturers and then they will do the needful.