Saturday, 3 Jun 2023
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7 Best Performance Enhancing Apps For Your Android Smartphone

At what point do you finally leave hope on your phone? Slow android phone or low performance?

It feels very frustrating when your phone is slow. Well, the routine maintenance is not a necessity for your android phone, but it surely enhances the performance and battery life and helps you get rid of the junk files. How? Well, this is precisely why Android cleaning apps are for.

Now, the question is – do these apps work?

Cache files pile up over time, and you should clear this type of unwanted data from your phone. The junks from ads and image thumbnails take up a lot of space in your mobile. The performance enhancing apps for your android smartphone helps you removing these files and save a considerable amount of space for your phone.

So, if you feel that your phone is running slowly not performing well, you can give a boost to your phone’s performance with these apps-

  1. Clean Master:

7 Best Performance Enhancing Apps For Your Android Smartphone

This app boasts more than 1 billion downloads in PlayStore and offers a variety of excellent features.

Does not only this app clean all the junk files, but it also works as an anti-virus and enhances the battery life of your phone.

It only deletes the junk files, not personal files like photos and videos.

An additional feature of this app called Charge Master shows the battery charging status of your phone.

What you get:

  • Notification cleaning feature that cleans the junk notification of your phone.
  • Game master for accelerating the loading process for better gaming experience.
  • WiFi detection feature that warns you before using any fake or unauthorized wifi connection.
  • It has integrated app locking feature that keeps your apps safe.
  1. All-In-Onee Tool Box: Cleaner, Booster and App Manager

7 Best Performance Enhancing Apps For Your Android Smartphone

When it comes to enhancing the performance of your phone, this app could be your one-stop solution. You can clear all the background apps, cache, and memory with just one tap. This performance-enhancing app comes with a highly intuitive and stunning UI so that anyone can use this app without facing any difficulties.

What you get:

  • CPU cooling
  • Cleaning junk files
  • Batch installation/uninstallation of apps
  • Enhanced speed
  • Enhanced battery life
  • Apps  locker for better privacy
  • Detecting apps with  too many ads
  • Increasing the performance  of  gaming
  • Notification manager
  • Code scanner
  • Photo compressor
  1. Cache Cleaner: DU Speed Booster

7 Best Performance Enhancing Apps For Your Android Smartphone

DU Speed Booster and Cleaner app is one of the best android performance enhancer and cleaner app. 230 millions of users trust this app. With just a single tap, you can optimize the background apps, make your memory free and, remove all the unwanted files.

This app gives you an easy option to delete the apps that you rarely use. The interface called CPU cooler allows you to see the apps that use more CPU power so that you can stop those apps running in the background.

DU Speed Booster and Cleaning app shows you a notification toolbar by default, but you can also disable it.

Special features of DU Speed Booster:

  • Scanning feature that automatically scans installed apps, memory content, and other new apps.
  • Antivirus feature that detects viruses, adware, malware and trojans.
  • Network booster for detecting network issues.
  • Smart charge feature that shows the charging status.
  1. Go Speed

7 Best Performance Enhancing Apps For Your Android Smartphone

It’s a lightweight android performance-enhancing app, which is 50% more efficient than most of the apps from the same genre. One of the best features of this app is that it stops auto-starting apps. Designed with the latest features, this app efficiently stops all the sneaky apps running in the background.

Unique Features of Go Speed:

  • Pre-install terminator to stop bloatware in the background
  • The floating widget gives you the memory status info in real-time.
  • Deep cleaning of storage for removing junk files, cache files, and memory files.
  • App manager for removing rarely used apps.
  1. SD Maid:

7 Best Performance Enhancing Apps For Your Android Smartphone

This app is specially designed to manage your files and help you in clearing space. It eliminates junk files and cleans up the unwanted logs, reports, and other data.

This app is available in both free and premium versions. The free version is perfect for simple phone maintenance while the premium version comes with some excellent additional features for more extensive use.

 This tool allows you to optimize the database of your apps.

  1. Ace Cleaner:

7 Best Performance Enhancing Apps For Your Android Smartphone

This one of the very simple to apps which provides a really good experience in phone optimization. It highlights the efficient features like Ace Clean, Ace Boost, Quiet Notification, Battery saver, CPU cooler, etc.

The duplicate photo cleaner of this app allows you to remove all the duplicate photos to free up space.

Unique Features Of Ace Cleaner:

  • It stops the apps that start automatically
  • DND mode for muting the disturbing notification
  • A specialized cleaning tools for Facebook
  • Integrated app lock
  1. Hi-Security:

This pp is a comprehensive package of junk cleaner, performance booster, and anti-virus. This app comes with an intuitive interface. The dashboard allows you to see vital information.

Special Features:

  • Cloud-based database of antivirus
  • App lock for sensitive screens.
  • Wifi security and Wifi speed test.

The performance of your phone entirely depends on how you use the phone. Routine performance boosting with one of these apps will always keep your phone performing best and save your battery life.