5 Effective Ideas To Build Your Brand Through Events

5 Effective Ideas To Build Your Brand Through Events

According to statistics, if a brand is presented throughout all platforms consistently, 23% more revenue can be generated. Hence, it is crucial for marketers to look for different mediums through which they can build their brands. Now, there are many industry events that take every now and then. Often the who’s who of the specific industry, as well as the target audience attends these events. This is why promoting your brand at different events can be very successful. It has also been revealed by Statista that 79% of American marketers make sales with the help of event Marketing. However, you must know the right tactics for promoting your brand in an event.


You can put your brand under the spotlight and also build a more personal relationship with potential customers and partners through event marketing.

5 Effective Ideas To Build Your Brand Through Events

Here are some successful ideas for building your brand via events:

  1. Do a thorough market research

Before you book your spot in an event planner, you must know about your position or identity in the market. Try to learn about the followings:

  • How many customers are aware of your brand
  • Which characteristics define your brand or customers link to your brand
  • How does the market view your brand
  • How your brand gets compared with others by the customers

When you carry out market research, you get the answer to all these questions, which will again help you in deciding what will be your future strategy for brand building.

  1. Utilize geo-targeting

When you are hosting events to build your brand, you should use geo-targeting and social campaigns to spread the word out. According to Kady Smith, a marketing graduate and academic research paper writer, the geo-targeting ads and marketing techniques also help one to promote the brand before the event begins.

  • Pro Tip: While promoting using geo-targeting, you should use hashtags and the conference name, as well as, advertise what your organisation is specially offering for the audience.
    5 Effective Ideas To Build Your Brand Through Events
  1. Create a digital platform specifically for the event

You can promote the event on your own website, but, if you create a completely separate digital platform for the same purpose, it might become more effective. You can create an event-specific page or group where interaction with the attendees will become much easier.

This space will be specifically dedicated to answering all the questions of the people who are interested in attending the event. You can also share any news or announcement related to the event. Thus, people can easily find this particular information instead of searching everywhere on your website like” Statistics Assignment help”. This will also promote your brand name significantly.

  • Pro tip: While creating the digital space, you must include data like location, time, and date of the event.
  1. Get creative

In a huge event, you can expect to see several brands trying to do exactly what you are trying to do. Thus, you should do everything to stand out in the crowd. Promote your event by doing something unique and fresh. For example, you can distribute freebies to the attendees. Make sure whatever you do, it should speak of your brand.

  1. Create a campaign to give away free tickets

Everybody loves things that come for free. You can use this simple human psychology to attract more and more audience to your event. You can create an entire campaign based on the free giveaway.  Make and run ads on social media; create a contest to help spread the word out. This way, your event, as well as your brand, will be getting a word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Pro tip: You can add some entry rules like they have to tag their friends and share the post on their timeline or feed.
    5 Effective Ideas To Build Your Brand Through Events

Takeaway Points

If an event becomes hit, it can benefit your brand significantly. Use these tips or tactics provided above to make your Event marketing campaign successful.

Here, the key points are listed so that you can go through them once again:

  • Carry out a market research
  • Use geo-targeting and social campaigns
  • Make an event-specific digital space
  • Be more creative with your promotion
  • Giveaway free tickets

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Kady Smith is the senior marketing manager at a reputed organization. He has previously worked with many reputed brands like MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk. Kady also has his own podcast channel, where he talks about the latest digital marketing trends and practices. In his leisure time, he loves to go for trekking in the mountains and to spend time with his family.