11 Best Android Apps Of 2019

11 Best Android Apps Of 2019 ( Updated August 2019)

You have been using or just have started using Android device, and you always keep your smartphone  or device up to date with the best Android apps of 2019. Well, it’s a common phenoemonn among most of the Android users. But, the truth is that it’s a bit more challenging to shortlist the best apps because the number of total apps on Android is really huge- 2.7 million apps in 2019. It’s not just word of our mouth because Statista has come up with the perfect  statistic to show this below –

11 Best Android Apps Of 2019

If you have been using Android device for quite a time then you might have already realized that there are some apps that have become have inevitable part of Android family. There is a big chance that you might have already been using some of  these apps without knowing it’s sheer popularity among the users. There is a lot of excellent apps but the usability of most of these apps get limited if the users experience any kind of difficulties  at the time of using these apps. The best android apps that we are going to mention so simple to use that even a kid can do it without facing any challenge.

1. Accuweather

11 Best Android Apps Of 2019

While it’s true that no one can predict our mother nature but, your prediction can go 80% accurate most of the times with the nature’s significant element called weather. How?  The short and simple answer is accuweather. This weather prediction app comes with a plenty of features that you can shake a stick at. “Minutecast” is one of the most unique features of this app which gives you weather prediction on each minute basis. With this app, you will know exactly how long until the rain starts.

2. Bouncer:

11 Best Android Apps Of 2019

The Bouncer is a security app with unique premise. This app allows you to give temporary permission to certain apps. This is a great way to use all the social media apps without digging into your setting to disable the app permission or giving those apps a performance access to your information. The cost of this app is $0.99 and it works with all the apps.

3. Google Drive:

 Google is one of the best cloud storage solution for Android users where they can avail 15gb of free of cost space upon sign up. You can of course buy more data space for additional cost. What makes Google Drive so special? Well, it comes as a suit of different crucial Google apps like Google Doc, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Keep.

When it comes to doing anything in particular to be productive, Google Drive can be the best android app development solution for you.

11 Best Android Apps Of 2019

4. Google Map:

This app makes your regular commute an easy affair. The best part of this app is that it gets update very frequently, almost weekly updates. It comes with exciting features. Aside from the regular navigation features, Google Maps app gives you the access to the places of interest, rest stops, fuel stations, traffic and many other things.

11 Best Android Apps Of 2019

Google Map is absolutely free of cost.

4. Crono:

With Crono, you can take the integration between your phone and PC to the next level. The best part of using this very helpful app is that it allows you to get all the notifications straight from the Chrome- so if you spend a lot of time on your computer or PC for working purpose, you can stay  up to date with all the notifications of  your phone without even looking at your phone. You need to use a Chrome extension to make this app work.

5. Ceri Launcher:

11 Best Android Apps Of 2019

Are planning forward to take a different note on Android launcher? This launcher is unique. It changes some of the key tenets of what Android fonts looked like till now. It gives you a new way arrange your apps so far and, you can do it with  the additional security.

With just a tap, you can enable the dark mode of this app.

6. Google Assistance

No wonder it’s a very powerful app. You just need to download the app and from there, you can ask almost anything you want. It supports a variety of commands. It can control light, simple math problems and many other things for you also. This assistance app provided by Google is free.

7. LastPass Password Manager:

It’s an excellent password management app that you allows you to  save your login credentials of your important account in a secured manner. Further, it helps you create impossible password for your account. A single master password is used here to control everything. It comes with a cross platform support so that you can use it on computer, mobiles, tablets of whatever. This app also comes with premium version which boasts some additional exciting features for $12/year only.

8. Pocket Casts:

Those who use podcasts often ask which podcasts app to use. The answer is pretty simple- Pocket Casts.  With this app, you can download or install any Podcasts of your choice. It comes with audio-only and video Podcasts support so that you can catch up on almost everything. The other exciting features of this app is that it comes with the light and dark theme, you can sync your podcasts across other devices and it has an excellent recommendation feature.

Unlike the other Podcasts apps, it boasts an awesome UI.

11 Best Android Apps Of 2019

9. Pulse SMS

There are tons of SMS apps but Pulse is one of the best picks among them. It features cool things like theming, GIF support, conversations which are protected by password, a blacklist for spammers and dual sims support.  You either go for monthly fee or buy it for one time fee of $10.99.

10. Solid Explorer:

File browsing is an inevitable activity that everyone has to do with their smartphones. So, how about using a highly capable and fantastic file browser like Solid Explorer?

Super material design, archiving support, support of the  popular cloud services, and powerful user stuff like FTP, SFPT, WebDav, and SMB/CIFS support have made this app one of the most popular options in the realm of file browsers for  Android.

It offers 14 days free trial and after that you just need to pay $2.99.

11. Swiftkey:

No wonder it is the most customizable and personalized keyboard available on the Android platform.  It’s a free app but you can buy themes if you want to customize this app according to your choice. It features things like dedicated number row, SwifKey flow, gesture typing, multiple language support and many other supports.

No wonder these Android apps mentioned above are still ruling most  of the Android Phones. Each of these apps make your day to day life easier with their usability.